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Cheap White Fused Alumina Oxide MFG Germany

Common sintering waste products include green silicon carbide cracks, uneven structure, deformation, foaming, uneven color and ring dropping, etc. The forming materials of metal bonded superhard abrasive tools are mixed with the forming materials of metal bonded diamond, CBN abrasive tools are mixed with the forming materials of 220 grit aluminum oxide blast media working layer and transition layer. 

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The white fused alumina working layer forming material consists of diamond, CBN abrasive, metal bond and wetting agent. First mix the transition layer forming material, then mix the working layer forming material. The mixture should ensure that the superhard abrasive and binder mix evenly, or mix the superhard abrasive with the wetting agent, black silicon carbide and will result in the waste products of grinding tools.(cheap white fused alumina oxide mfg germany)

The amount of each component material shall be strictly controlled during mixing. The white aluminum oxide metal bond forming die is composed of die sleeve, pressing ring, core rod, core rod and bottom plate. Because the forming pressure of superhard abrasive wheel is in the range of 300-500mpa and the arc fused alumina production batch is small, the materials used in the forming die are carbon tool steel, alloy tool steel, high-speed steel and hard alloy.

(cheap white fused alumina oxide mfg germany)For soft metal bronze and tin powder, carbon tool steel and alloy steel shall be selected as far as possible; for white corundum tools with high density, high strength, hardness and wear resistance, heat-resistant steel can be selected. The forming die should be designed according to the size and shape of the fused alumina grinding tool. Electric heating is often used in the sintering furnace of superhard grinding tools. 

No allowance is allowed for the size of diamond grinding tool blank, brown fused alumina price so the inner diameter of die sleeve is the outer diameter of the product, and the inner diameter of die sleeve shall ensure that the concentration (amount) of diamond in the working layer of the grinding tool remains unchanged. Sintering process specification (sintering temperature curve), also known as sintering system, should be strictly followed during black oxide aluminum sintering.

(cheap white fused alumina oxide mfg germany)Normal selection of oil press, black corundum pressure mode is divided into up pressure, down pressure and horizontal pressure. The total pressing pressure f can be calculated as F = PSK, P is the nominal pressure of the hydraulic press, K is the safety factor, k = 1.15 ~ 1.50, s is the cross-sectional area of the pressed blank. Electric heating methods include carbon tube resistance heating, glass beads supplier high frequency or medium frequency induction heating.

There are tube furnace, bell cover furnace, medium frequency induction furnace and pink corundum internal resistance furnace. During sintering, neutral reducing atmosphere or solid reducing medium are used to protect the super hard abrasive from oxidation. The neutral atmosphere uses n and CO2 vacuum, glass beads manufacturers and the reducing atmosphere includes H2, CO and hydrocarbon. Charcoal is mainly used as solid protection medium.(cheap white fused alumina oxide mfg germany)

After the superhard abrasive is fully mixed with the binder, silicon carbide price add the wetting agent, and then add the binder to fully mix. The sintering process of sintering waste products is affected by many factors such as binder raw materials, blending process, forming process, etc. a series of complex physical and chemical changes occur in the glass bead abrasive sintering process, garnet abrasive price which deviate from the process requirements and formula requirements.

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