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Cheap White Fused Alumina Oxide MFG In Japan

white fused alumina is the ash floating on the surface of aluminum liquid in the melting and casting furnace of electrolytic aluminum or secondary aluminum. It is mainly composed of non melting inclusions, clarifiers, aluminum oxide generated by aluminum liquid oxidation, etc. it has the function of heat preservation and preventing arc fused alumina liquid oxidation.

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The aluminum content in primary aluminum ash is about 70-80%. Usually, the white aluminum oxide in aluminum ash is recovered by means of frying or pressing. After the ash is cooled, the aluminum particles are separated by further fine grinding and screening, and the secondary fused alumina is obtained. From the cost analysis of materials, diamond, green silicon carbide, black silicon carbide and white corundum are in order.

The content of fluoride and aluminum nitride in the secondary white corundum produced in the melting and casting process of electrolytic aluminum is higher than that in the secondary aluminum ash produced in the melting and casting process of recycled aluminum. Secondary aluminum ash is a kind of hazardous waste, black synthetic corundum which contains a lot of harmful substances such as fluoride, cyanide, aluminum carbide, aluminum nitride, etc.

The treatment of secondary brown fused alumina price has always been a research hotspot in the electrolytic aluminum industry, and many process technologies have been developed in the industry. Harmless treatment means that the secondary aluminum ash is treated to remove impurities such as nitride, fluoride, salt and so on, and then gets harmless black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit for safe landfilling, brown corundum abrasive.

Recycling means that the secondary aluminum ash is processed to different products (such as steel claw protection ring) by high temperature or cold processing after removing harmful substances, or It is returned to the electrolytic cell as the raw material of electrolytic aluminum. It is the development trend of comprehensive utilization of secondary black synthetic corundum to return to electrolytic cell for aluminum smelting.

The current treatment process of secondary black corundum is mainly divided into two categories: harmless and resource-based, refining agent and water purification agent, we have to face the problem of product consumption. The harmless treatment process mainly includes acid leaching, alkali leaching, washing and other ways. The ash is called primary high purity fused aluminum oxide.

Because the output of secondary aluminum ash is very huge, at present, the annual output of secondary pink corundum of electrolytic aluminum enterprises in China is only 2 million tons. Whether using aluminum ash to produce steel claw protection ring or aluminium oxide sandblasting abrasives and other products. Therefore, how to solve the problem of mass consumption of secondary aluminum ash has become the focus of the enterprise.

The abrasives used in stone grinding and polishing are white corundum, black silicon carbide, green silicon carbide and diamond. The microhardness of white corundum is 2200-2300kg / mm2, that of black silicon carbide is 3100-3300kg / mm2, that of green silicon carbide is 3200-3340kg / mm2, that of diamond is 8000-10000kg / mm2, and that of diamond is 8000-10000kg / mm2. Particle size is orwell4 × W ~ wo.5 (even finer).

The chemical composition of secondary silicon carbide price produced in the process of melting and casting with different raw materials is different. From the order of hardness, it can be sorted out that diamond, green silicon carbide and black silicon carbide are used to process granite, while green silicon carbide, black silicon carbide (hard) and aluminum oxide for sand blaster (soft) are used to process marble.

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