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Cheap White Fused Alumina Oxide MFG Malaysia

Compared with the sintered bond, the sintered bond Abrasives use less binder at the same hardness, so the structure of the fine grit aluminum oxide is loose and the porosity is high, which can improve the grinding efficiency of the 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media. The fluidity, reaction ability and high temperature wettability of the sintered binder are poor, and the bridge strength of the binder is low. 

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In general, the content of basic oxide in the sinter bond is more, which can promote the high temperature decomposition of silicon carbide price and cause the black core waste, but the soft SiC abrasive can be used as the sinter bond. Due to the decomposition of SiC to form carbon and silicon at high temperature, And can reduce the burn of the workpiece. this process is more intense with the increase of the liquid phase of the 180 grit aluminum oxide binder.

List the mass percentage of each white fused alumina raw material in the binder. The fire resistance of the sintering binder is higher than the sintering temperature, and the binder only produces a small amount of liquid phase. A small amount of carbon decomposed by abrasive particles is oxidized, and a thin layer of SiO2 film is formed on the surface of glass beads supplier particles to prevent the further decomposition of SiC, and the workpiece is easy to burn.

The hardness and strength of brown fused alumina price tools are sensitive to the fluctuation of firing temperature and raw material performance. The hardness is not easy to control, and the porosity of abrasive tools is small. The sintering binder does not interact with the abrasive particles, and the abrasive system is "molded" by the surrounding binder. The phase of the white corundum abrasive is also different from that of the black oxide aluminum

Corundum abrasives are often bonded. At present, in addition to white aluminum oxide with higher hardness, in order to prevent "black core" from using sintering binder, the soft part has been replaced by sintering (or semi sintering). Its chemical composition is divided into fused alumina type abrasive bond and silicon carbide type abrasive bond. The phase of the abrasive sample after firing is different from that of the single bond.

Clay is feldspar (k20a1o-sio2 system). This kind of bond is widely used in our country. It uses general mineral black corundum raw materials, and its cost is low, which can meet the requirements of the strength and grinding performance of corundum general abrasives, but it can't make the arc fused alumina with coarse grain size and soft hardness. Under the same conditions, the amount of sintering binder is more than that of sintering binder. 

The white corundum proportioning ratio of binder is about 20% ~ 50% for clay and 80% ~ 50% for feldspar. The less clay content (less than 30%) is sintering binder, and the more clay content is sintering binder. There are many kinds of bond for silicon carbide companies. With the increase of clay content, both plasticity and wet dry strength of damaged body increase, but when water glass is used as wetting agent, abnormal phenomena will appear.

The fire resistance of the bond increases with the increase of clay content in the bond, and decreases with the increase of feldspar content. It refers to the binder for pink corundum manufacturing general corundum abrasive tools, coarse-grained abrasive tools and general high-speed grinding wheels (linear speed ≤ 60m / s). When the oxygen is insufficient, the "black heart" waste will be produced, the green carborundum grinding efficiency is poor.

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