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Cheap White Fused Alumina Oxide MFG UK

Casting molding method is a method that the slurry shaped molding material is injected into the white corundum mold, and the mold is unloaded after curing to make the grinding tool body. It is widely used in aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive manufacturing epoxy resin honing wheel and PVA grinding wheel, phenolic resin, epoxy resin, unsaturated resin polishing grinding tool, etc. 

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Casting method has a high demand for molding materials, brown fused alumina price which need to be prepared in a special mixer. No matter in the process of mixing or pouring, a certain temperature should be maintained to make the slurry have a proper fluidity. At the same time, the abrasive particles in the slurry can be suspended in the molding material until it solidifies to prevent the aluminum oxide 40 grit particles from sinking during operation.

(cheap white fused alumina oxide mfg uk)The black corundum main measures are to increase the viscosity of the resin solution, increase the sand binding ratio and speed up the curing speed. The molding material is prepared with a vacuum mixer (the vacuum degree is about 700mm Hg). This forming method is not only suitable for forming small size aluminum oxide abrasive media tools, but also for forming large size abrasive tools (such as those with a diameter of more than 1 m).

The advantages of casting molding are pink corundum simple process, low labor intensity, room temperature curing, and the production of complex shapes of abrasive tools, such as gear like, worm like honing wheel. In order to ensure the compactness and granularity of the product, the bubbles in the slurry must be removed in the alumina abrasive manufacturing process of the casting wheel. The most suitable vibration frequency can be obtained by experiment.

(cheap white fused alumina oxide mfg uk)If there are many pores or uneven distribution in the grinding wheel, it will make the alumina grit grinding wheel wear unevenly, reduce the strength and crack in many pores. The method to eliminate the bubbles in the manufacturing process of casting wheel: vacuum method: also called vacuum casting method. This method is suitable for 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media mass production with complete bubble removal and good quality.

Vibration method: put it on the vibration table or tap it gently with a small hammer to make the bubbles float on it, and then prick it with a needle. This method of black aluminum oxide media removing bubbles is used for manual casting and forming, and is suitable for small batch production. Centrifugal method: use the centrifugal force to remove bubbles, and can be made into white alumina powder grinding wheel whose abrasive concentration gradually decreases from the outside to the inside.

(cheap white fused alumina oxide mfg uk)Vibration molding method, without pressure, uses vibration to move the white fused alumina molding material to the most appropriate packing density, which occurs in the initial vibration stage. The longer the time is, the less significant the effect is. The packing density is determined not only by the vibration frequency, but also by the 60 grit aluminum oxide particle size, convenient operation, the dry and wet degree of the molding material, etc.

The characteristics of vibration molding are: irregular shape and complex products can be formed in one time without complex mold; the strength requirement of white aluminum oxide mold is generally lower than that of mold pressing; the molding speed is faster; demoulding is easy; the molding materials are not easy to agglomerate during molding, etc. After vibration, the small 150 grit aluminum oxide particles are filled in the gap of the large particles to increase the packing density.(cheap white fused alumina oxide mfg uk)

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