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Cheap White Fused Alumina Oxide MFG USA

There are all colors from white to ochre. Generally, the white aluminum oxide with high iron content is red, and the one with low iron content is gray white. Due to different cementitious materials, the color changes greatly, sometimes there are red brown spots. The appearance characteristics of bauxite are complex, but there are rules to follow. Generally of the aluminum oxide 40 grit same level, having similar characteristics.

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The main minerals are diaspore and kaolinite, synthetic corundum price followed by diaspore, gibbsite, rutile, dickite and iron bearing minerals. It is characterized by high Al2O3 content, high SiO2 content and low FeO3 content, so Al2O3 / SiO2 is relatively low, most of which are 4-7. In addition to Pingguo Bauxite in Guangxi, most of the aluminum oxide abrasive media bauxites containing Fe2O are below 5%, and the high-quality bauxites with Al2O3 / SI2 ≥ 10 are less.

(cheap white fused alumina oxide mfg usa)For ore type, most of them are diaspore kaolinite type, black aluminum oxide media commonly known as high silicon low iron diaspore type bauxite, or high aluminum high silicon low iron diaspore kaolinite type bauxite. Bauxite in Pingguo area of Guangxi Province can be called high iron diaspore kaolinite type bauxite. Diaspore and kaolinite constitute a series of white alumina powder bauxites with different Al2O3 content in different proportion.

There are only a few gibbsite types in Fujian and Guangdong, but aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive Al2O3 / SiO2 is relatively low. Most of them are of gibbsite type abroad, but most of them are of monohydrate type in Europe, while in Greece they are of diaspore monohydrate type. In terms of chemical composition, high Al2O3 / SiO2, and alumina abrasive generally high feao3 content. If the content of TiO2 is high, the product quality is also unfavorable.(cheap white fused alumina oxide mfg usa)

Al2O3 is the alumina grit main component of bauxite, the higher its content is, the better it will be. Other oxides are regarded as impurities. SiO2 is a harmful impurity in the alkaline production of alumina. The high content of SiO2 in bauxite will reduce the production efficiency of smelting brown corundum or producing industrial alumina, and increase the impurity composition. Al2o3-h2o crystal compounds can be prepared by artificial method.

(cheap white fused alumina oxide mfg usa)If the content of K2O and Na2O is high, the white fused alumina product quality will be more affected. At present, the ratio of alumina to silicon is required to be no less than 3.0 ~ 3.5 in the production of industrial alumina. There are quite a number of high sulfur bauxite in Guangxi and Shandong. Bauxite mainly includes Burmese, bean, clastic and cryptocrystalline (argillaceous) structures, 60 grit aluminum oxide as well as earthy and dense massive structures.

Whether smelting white corundum or producing industrial alumina, there are strict requirements for the quality of bauxite. The bauxite for smelting brown corundum must be calcined. The calcined high alumina clinker not only improves the grade, most bauxites abroad have low SiO2 content, reduces the power consumption of 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media smelting, but also makes the furnace condition stable and improves the production efficiency.(cheap white fused alumina oxide mfg usa)

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