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Under normal circumstances, if the electrolyte molar ratio increases, the alumina content is too low, and the cathode current density is too high, it is conducive to the precipitation of sodium(cheap white fused alumina suppliers nigeria). The formation and existence of aluminum carbide is also one of the main reasons for the damage of electrolytic ellipsoid(aluminium oxide blasting media). The aluminum in the electrolyte will directly undergo a chemical reaction. 

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At present(aluminum oxide sandblasting media), under certain conditions, it is possible to cause sodium ions and aluminum ions to discharge simultaneously on the cathode to precipitate sodium(cheap white fused alumina suppliers nigeria). In the alkaline electrolyte, the dissolved aluminum may also undergo the following reactions to replace sodium. The solubility of sodium in aluminum is very small, but the permeability to carbon materials is very strong(alumina grit). The boiling point of sodium is very low, only 880°C.

Therefore, only a small part of the precipitated sodium is dissolved in the aluminum, part is absorbed by the cathode carbon block or carbon lining, and part of the sodium volatilizes in the vapor state, and is oxidized by air or anode gas on the electrolyte surface to form a yellow flame(alumina blasting). Therefore, we should try our best to avoid the formation of aluminum carbide in the production process(cheap white fused alumina suppliers nigeria). Direct generation of Co.

At present, the volume fraction of CO is generally 10% - 25% of the total amount of anode gas(silicon carbide grit). Chloride ion discharge. The precipitation of sodium not only reduces the current efficiency of aluminum, increases power consumption, but also brings many disadvantages to production(glass bead abrasive). The formation of aluminum carbide(cheap white fused alumina suppliers nigeria). The anode of "small electrolytic cell" dissolves aluminum, while its cathode generates aluminum carbide. 

The idea that aluminum is not reduced by sodium but that aluminum ions are directly discharged on the surface of the cathode is gradually recognized by most scholars(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The anode itself participates in the reaction and is constantly consumed, so it must be replenished in time(cheap white fused alumina suppliers nigeria). This simple oxygen ion is not present in the electrolyte(silicon carbide powder). Electrochemical and chemical reactions occur on the cathode to produce aluminum carbide. 

Sodium entering the aluminum liquid will reduce the quality of aluminum(sponge media abrasive); the penetration of sodium into the carbon cathode and the tank lining will accelerate the cathode and The lining is damaged, shortening the service life of the electrolytic cell(cheap white fused alumina suppliers nigeria); sodium burning on the surface of the electrolyte will cause the temperature of the cell to rise and bring a series of disadvantages caused by high temperature. 

In addition, under high temperature conditions, aluminum may react with carbon to form aluminum carbide, causing aluminum loss and reducing current efficiency(cheap white fused alumina suppliers nigeria). At this time, the carbon slag in the electrolyte cannot be separated well, and it is dispersed in the electrolyte(aluminium oxide blasting grit). The view of chemical reaction is that the electrolyte penetrating between liquid aluminum and carbon cathode forms a thin intermediate layer. 

At present, there are several explanations for the mechanism of aluminum carbide formation(120 grit aluminum oxide sandblasting media): the high temperature disease tank, commonly known as the electrolytic cell, has moved towards the hot stroke(cheap white fused alumina suppliers nigeria). Therefore, it is necessary to replenish the carbon anode in time and continuously add alumina to the electrolyte melt to make the production continue(pink aluminum oxide). At present, the aluminum industry still uses active anodes (carbon anodes). 

According to this principle, it is necessary to provide a large amount of direct current electric energy to the reaction process to promote the reaction to the direction of producing aluminum. With the continuous progress of the electrolysis reaction, the carbon anode and the alumina dissolved in the electrolyte continue to be consumed(150 grit aluminum oxide). Every effort should be made to avoid the precipitation of sodium during production(cheap white fused alumina suppliers nigeria).

Therefore(steel shot abrasive), the wettability of the aluminum liquid to the carbon cathode material is not very good, but the electrolyte can wet the carbon cathode better(cheap white fused alumina suppliers nigeria). During the electrolysis process, with the movement of the aluminum liquid and the electrolyte or other reasons, the layering due to the density difference is partially destroyed, and a part of the electrolyte penetrates into the lower layer of the aluminum liquid(black corundum). 

On the surface of the cathode aluminum solution, aluminum is continuously deposited and dissolved into the electrolyte(cheap white fused alumina suppliers nigeria). When the aluminum dissolved into the electrolyte meets the small carbon particles dispersed in the electrolyte, the above reaction surface will also produce aluminum carbide(aluminum oxide anti slip grit). Anode process involves anode reaction, anode overvoltage, anode effect, anode consumption and other important processes. 

When the local current density of the anode is very low and the overvoltage is very small, it is possible to generate co instead of Co(brown aluminium oxide). It can be expressed by the following simple reaction formula(cheap white fused alumina suppliers nigeria). If there is sodium ion discharge at the cathode, metal sodium is dissolved in the electrolyte(240 grit aluminum oxide). When some factors cause the surface disturbance of molten aluminum at the bottom of the tank, this reaction is more likely to occur.

It is closely related to current efficiency, power efficiency, material consumption and so on(cheap white fused alumina suppliers nigeria). When the electrolyte is added, that is, the molar ratio of the electrolyte decreases, the primary crystallization temperature also decreases, but the dissolution rate and solubility of alumina also decrease accordingly. Aluminum carbide is an electrical insulator(aluminum oxide sandblasting abrasive). Its existence will cause a series of troubles due to uneven current distribution. 

When it encounters anode gas, redox reaction will also occur to produce CO2(aluminium oxide shot blasting grit). Due to these side reactions, there is always some CO in anode gas(cheap white fused alumina suppliers nigeria). A "small electrolytic cell" is formed between the liquid aluminum and the cathode carbon block, which is connected in series with a large electrolytic cell composed of carbon anode, electrolyte and liquid aluminum, and the liquid aluminum becomes a bipolar electrode.

The aluminum dissolved in the intermediate layer reacts with carbon at the interface between electrolyte and carbon cathode to form aluminum carbide(1200 grit aluminum oxide). The formation of aluminum carbide not only causes the loss of aluminum, but also brings disadvantages to the process(garnet blasting media). The proportion of CO in the total anode gas varies with the current efficiency(cheap white fused alumina suppliers nigeria). The higher the volume fraction of CO, the lower the current efficiency.

There are two forms of fluorine ion discharge: fluorine ion discharge indicates that the anode has entered the abnormal electrolysis process, indicating that the anode effect is about to or has occurred(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive). Anode effect is a special phenomenon that occurs on the anode in the process of halide molten salt electrolysis, especially in the process of cryolite alumina molten salt electrolysis with carbon as anode(cheap white fused alumina suppliers nigeria).

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