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Cheap White Fused Alumina WFA Grains Factory UK

In addition, it is necessary to stabilize the position of the shell(white fused alumina). When the magnetic field is stable at the inlet and outlet, the aluminum rolling phenomenon will be lost quickly. If the working time is too long, it will lead to the melting of the protection test, and the quality of electrolysis in the cell is more and more(sandblasting grit). In the aluminum electrolysis control system, you can clearly monitor the operation trend of resistance wire.

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Heating and dissolving furnace bottom precipitation lead to heat expenditure larger than normal heat revenue(garnet suppliers). During the cold refining and toughening period, the technical conditions of the electrolytic cell changed obviously, the electrolytic temperature decreased, the electrolyte level contracted, and the copper level continued to rise(brown aluminum oxide suppliers). After the fire of the refractory current, high abnormal voltage often appears, up to 10 ~ 12V.(cheap white fused alumina WFA grains factory uk)

If the duration of the refractory effect is too long(white aluminum oxide). The protective belt will melt completely, the electrolyte liquid will produce the electrolyzer, and the high voltage can damage the cell shell for a long time, so the difficult dimension should not be ignored in the production(brown fused alumina size sand). When rolling aluminum, the effect skin, wrong liquid and electrolyte will be hidden out of the plant together. Both hot bath and cold essence can cause flow button.

(cheap white fused alumina WFA grains factory uk)With the application of computer control technology in lead electrolysis production, the phenomenon of voltage data on site has become intuitive and transparent(garnet abrasive). There are many factors that affect the life of electrolytic concentrate, such as congenital design defects, the worst quality of internal materials, improper start-up scheduling and normal production management errors(white fused alumina for refractory). The current distribution tends to be uniform by adjusting the anode.

The main reason for the hard to buy effect is that the electrolyte composition is not good and the bottom protection precipitation is too much(black silicon carbide). Avoid electrolyte detection of electrolyzers. When the effective point of electrolysis refining, if the timing of extinction effect is not good, the oxidation concentration in the liquid electrolyte has not reached the maximum value of the desired effect(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). The nursing examination was performed manually.(cheap white fused alumina WFA grains factory uk)

In the process of dealing with the refractory effect, the following measures should be taken(pink aluminum oxide): when the first extinction effect fails, it is necessary to appropriately increase the leading distance and maintain the stability of the effect voltage, so as to carry out the effect welding again(sponge media abrasive blasting). Relatively speaking, the probability of cold bath button is higher, but the cold and hot of electrolytic cell is not the basic reason for aluminum filling.

(cheap white fused alumina WFA grains factory uk)First of all, on the other hand, the quality of the newly opened cell electrolysis is relatively large, which often results in effect(black aluminum oxide). In order to eliminate the effect as soon as possible, but the alumina input does not reach the desired extinction point of the effect, so as to make or repeatedly add materials to insert into the wood rod, so as to form the refractory effect(steel shot abrasive). At this time, the effect can not be controlled by the distance between electrodes.

The results showed that the effect of fine fruit for a long time did not want to be extinguished, resulting in the electrolyte containing carbon(brown fused alumina price). This leaf can't take the method of reducing voltage to check the complex voltage value, which will cause the pressure trough in the green period(brown aluminum oxide abrasive). The hard to buy effect not only seriously damages the production process. It is a threat to the stability and safety of series current for a long time.(cheap white fused alumina WFA grains factory uk)

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