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Cheap White Fused Alumina Wholesale Price Canada

The water absorption of white fused alumina is a physical quantity indicating the water absorption degree of white fused alumina under normal atmospheric pressure. The ratio of the water content in the abrasive to the quality of the white fused alumina manufacturer in the dry state is called the water content of the corundum.

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When the water content of the white aluminum oxide is saturated, the water content is called the water absorption. The water absorption can be used to characterize the sintering properties of the products. The formula is as follows: there are three main methods to determine the water absorption of white fused alumina suppliers: boiling method, immersion method and vacuum method.(cheap white fused alumina wholesale price canada)

The test method is as follows: take out the cooled brown aluminium oxide sample from the high-temperature electric furnace, write down the number, weigh it on the electronic balance and record it, then put the sample into the container containing water (the water shall completely submerge the sample to half of the height of the container), heat it on the electronic universal furnace, i.e. electric furnace, let the sample boil in the black fused alumina container and keep it for 30min, and cool it to room temperature.

(cheap white fused alumina wholesale price canada)Then take out the sample brown fused alumina price and dry it gently with a dry cloth strip, and quickly put it on the electronic balance for weighing. Then the test value is substituted into formula (1) to calculate the water absorption. The porosity of brown corundum, also known as porosity, is a measure of the compactness of pink alumina products, so it can characterize the compactness of samples. Slow cooling is adopted in the course design to let the high temperature electric furnace cool naturally.

It is used to identify the black aluminum oxide sintering degree of ceramics, refractories and other products, and to determine the adsorption capacity of porous materials such as activated carbon. It is expressed as the percentage of pore volume in the total volume of the product, and expressed as follows with the formula: Boiling method is generally used to determine water absorption. The bulk density of black aluminium oxide is one of the most basic properties of products.(cheap white fused alumina wholesale price canada)

The volume density refers to the ratio of the mass of the pink aluminum oxide product without free water to the total volume of the product (including the real volume of the product and the volume of all pores). It is expressed as follows with the formula: the volume density of the sample can be calculated by substituting the test data and the calculated value into the formula. The brown fused aluminium oxide sintering process is the process of semi-dry molding material from the metal mold to further densify the green body.

(cheap white fused alumina wholesale price canada)The heat preservation stage is an important stage of 100 grit aluminum oxide white sintering. In this stage, the changes of various parts of the body tend to balance. With the extension of the heat preservation time, the number of particles gradually dissolves or the number of liquid phase increases. But if the heat preservation time is extended excessively, the amount of liquid phase will gradually increase It is easy to cause component segregation and deformation of white fused alumina price abrasive tools, so it must be controlled properly.

When the sintering temperature is reached, the brown fused alumina manufacturer significant change in the body is that the amount of liquid phase increases obviously, the powder particles gradually complete the moving rearrangement process under the effect of liquid phase surface tension, and the body of brown corundum abrasive tool shrinks obviously. If the cooling speed is too fast, the grains are too late to grow, and the crystallites are relatively small, so the strength of the 220 grit aluminum oxide abrasive tool can be improved.

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