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Cheap White Fused Alumina Wholesale Price Malaysia

White corundum polishing is a process in which chemical changes occur in the chemical action of active substances such as oxygen, sulfur, and stearic acid. Under the chemical action of the surface of the workpiece, a layer of compound film is quickly formed. This layer of film has chemical protection. However, this is not consistent with reality.

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Once the surface film is formed, it is difficult to deepen it, but it can be removed by the white fused alumina abrasive, which gives polishing Processing creates very good conditions. It is believed that the polished surface did not receive any cutting damage. Therefore, the polishing process of silicon carbide abrasive is a process in which the compound film formed on the convex surface of the polished surface is continuously removed and formed quickly.(cheap white fused alumina wholesale price malaysia)

In addition, by limiting the analysis of the surface, polishing or grinding is not only a continuous process of removing the composite film by the abrasive, but also has a cutting effect on the surface layer, and the chemical action accelerates the polishing and grinding process of white corundum. Because the thickness of the oxide film is 14, the compound film formed is about 20-70, and the green silicon carbide peak of roughness of the polished surface is much larger than it. 

(cheap white fused alumina wholesale price malaysia)In fact, grinding is the result of the combined effects of white aluminum oxide abrasive particles on the cutting of the workpiece surface, the chemical action of active substances, and the extrusion deformation of the workpiece surface. The major and minor effects of each of them depend on the nature of the processing and the progress of the processing. For aluminum oxide abrasive polishing, it conforms to the combined effect of both chemical action and pure cutting.

Obviously, the role of purification is not comprehensive. Among them, chemical action is the main influence. Others, such as the cutting of brown fused aluminum oxide abrasive grains and changes in temperature rise, promote the intensification of chemical action. Plays a supporting role. But diamond is the exception, even the best quality aluminum oxide grit abrasive cannot replace it. The process of polishing and grinding black silicon carbide cannot be explained in one way.(cheap white fused alumina wholesale price malaysia)

In theory, the peak roughness of the surface polished by black corundum should be equivalent to the thickness of the film. Honed abrasives are natural and man-made rocks whose basic component is a high-hardness mineral such as brown corundum. Natural abrasives include: diamond, corundum, diamond, quartz, vermiculite, and garnet. Ordinary point corundum, brown corundum, single crystal corundum, silicon carbide and boron carbide are artificial abrasives.

(cheap white fused alumina wholesale price malaysia)Because it is currently possible to produce high-quality, relatively standard artificial pink corundum abrasives, natural abrasives can still find some uses today in free abrasive grain grinding and manufacturing of abrasive cloth paper and molds. Compared to corundum abrasives, they have almost lost their industrial value. Artificial fused aluminium oxide abrasives are manufactured in electric arc furnaces or electric resistance furnaces. With the improvement of technical level, there are also artificial diamond abrasives.

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