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Cheap White Fused Aluminium Oxide Suppliers Japan

brown fused alumina price is a kind of granular material with high hardness and certain mechanical strength. It is used to make abrasive tools or directly used for grinding and polishing. The main characteristics of the abrasive are high hardness, moderate resistance to crushing and self-sharpening, high thermal stability, certain chemical stability, and aluminum oxide grit easy processing into particles of different sizes. 

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Materials used for grinding or black corundum grinding are collectively referred to as natural abrasives. Good natural abrasives have strong toughness sharpness and high purity. Although artificial abrasives are becoming more and more refined, natural abrasives are still used by many enterprises. The green silicon carbide industry's development towards high precision has laid a solid material foundation. Natural mineral, corundum is second only to diamond in hardness.(cheap white fused aluminium oxide suppliers japan)

Diamond (C) is the hardest abrasive with a Mohs hardness of 10. The brown fused alumina crystal structure belongs to the equiaxed crystal atomic crystal. Diamond has a hexagonal 2H type polymorphism, namely hexagonal diamond. Natural diamond is mostly octahedron, diamond 12-hedron, and cube. There is obvious growth layer on the aluminum oxide abrasive surface of natural diamond, and the thickness of the growth layer is less than 10A. Natural diamond is single crystal, round or granular.

(cheap white fused aluminium oxide suppliers japan)Abrasives are divided into two categories: natural abrasives and artificial pink corundum. Most of them are different colors, such as yellow, green, brown, rose, blue, etc. The diamond density is 3.50 ~ 3.52g / cm3, and the thermal conductivity is good. There are two main uses of natural diamond as abrasives, namely dressing grinding wheels, black silicon carbide grinding and grinding difficult-to-machine materials (such as cemented carbide, gems, glass, stone, etc.

The main tools are natural diamond wheel cutters, natural diamond dressers, natural diamond diamond pens, brown aluminum oxide cutter heads, natural diamond turning tools, diamond files and glass processing tools. Different applications of diamond have different technical requirements. For example, natural diamond used in glass processing tools requires complete crystals, and the synthetic corundum shape is 12-hedron and 8-hedron transition crystals.(cheap white fused aluminium oxide suppliers japan)

Corundum (Al2O3) belongs to the trigonal crystal system. The silicon carbide abrasive crystal has the property of transition from ionic bond to covalent bond, and the structure is relatively compact. Single crystals are usually waist-shaped, columnar, and aggregates are granular or dense. Generally blue-gray, yellow-gray, iron-containing ones are black. Glass gloss, Mohs hardness 9, density 3.95-4.10g / cm3, chemical stability. 180 grit aluminum oxide containing chromium is called ruby, and blue containing titanium is called sapphire.

(cheap white fused aluminium oxide suppliers japan)Low sodium brown aluminium oxide series products are widely used in special ceramics, high-grade refractory materials and other fields. The content of micro sodium corundum na2o is reduced, thereby improving the melting point, particle density, bulk density, flexural strength, compressive strength, true density, and hardness of the aluminum oxide blasting abrasive product, which can meet the use of the high-grade refractory and ceramic industries, and expand the scope of use.

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