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Each time the coating is applied, the thickness of the coating formed on the surface of the pattern is not enough(white corundum sand); if the density is too high, the coating will appear too thick, it is difficult to paint, the surface is uneven, and the surface is partially accumulated. For parts that are particularly difficult to fill with sand, manual filling should be assisted(pink fused alumina). Self-hardening sand cores can also be used to solve local sand filling difficulties.

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The inspection results of mandatory items such as density, suspension, viscosity, etc(green carborundum). can be drawn into statistical process control charts. If the performance value of the coating exceeds the allowable range, it is necessary to find the cause and take corresponding measures(steel shot abrasive). At the same time, attention must be paid to the inspection and control of the quality of raw materials in order to better ensure the quality of the coating.(cheap white fused aluminum oxide factory china)

Such as the chemical composition, particle size, water content, ignition loss, refractoriness, etc(pink aluminum oxide). of the refractory powder; the purity, smell, and combustion characteristics of the carrier; the gelling characteristics of the suspension agent, etc. The finished product quality control paint must undergo strict inspection before leaving the factory(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Determination of paint density The density of paint indicates the content of solid particles in the paint.

(cheap white fused aluminum oxide factory china)The disadvantage is that it is easy to form an air cushion surface in the recesses of the pattern, which affects the spraying effect(black aluminum oxide). A part of the atomized paint is scattered into the work place with compressed air, which increases paint loss and pollutes the environment. When used in alcohol-based paints, the volatilization, loss of alcohol and the environment The pollution is more serious(glass bead abrasive). Statistical analysis should be performed on inspection records on a regular basis.

The flow coating method has high productivity, no brush marks on the coating, smooth surface(brown fused alumina price), less paint waste, little environmental pollution, and easy operation, but the thickness of the coating is not easy to control. It requires the paint to have good fluidity, and to resist flow and accumulation(black fused alumina). Measuring density is usually a simple method. Before filling sand, check whether the isolation screen of the sand box suction chamber is damaged.(cheap white fused aluminum oxide factory china)

is reciprocating up and down(white corundum), and the piston rod of this low-pressure cylinder plate is connected with the cylindrical piston rod in the high-pressure paint cylinder below, and the two reciprocate up and down simultaneously to pressurize the paint in the high-pressure paint cylinder. If the shear thinning ability of the paint is too poor(garnet abrasive price), the paint will easily accumulate, and if the shear thinning ability is too strong, it will cause serious overflow.

(cheap white fused aluminum oxide factory china)It uses compressed air as power, and through the reversing mechanism, the low pressure cylinder disc piston is pressurized to fill sand and vibrate(white aluminum oxide). The matching effect of sand filling and compaction process is better than the former, especially for complex patterns, it is necessary to add sand and vibrate to fill all parts of the pattern uniformly and significantly reduce pattern deformation(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). This method is mostly used in production.

Therefore, the sand should be added uniformly(white fused alumina), the speed should not be too fast, the height of the sand column should be increased evenly inside and outside the pattern, and long rods and other patterns with low stiffness must be especially careful to prevent bending deformation(glass beads manufacturers). If necessary, open the sand filling process hole, and then fill it with EPS and seal it with tape. The dry sand temperature must be below 50°C.(cheap white fused aluminum oxide factory china)

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