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Cheap White Fused Aluminum Oxide Factory Panama

Data processing should include the following contents(white fused alumina): analog input signal processing should include data validity, correctness judgment, out of limit judgment and out of limit alarm, error compensation (including precision, linearity, zero drift correction, etc.), engineering unit transformation(aluminum oxide blasting grit), circuit disconnection prevention and detection, signal anti-interference and other functions.

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There are two kinds of alarm modes: one is accident alarm, the other is warning alarm(black corundum). In the substation of electrolytic aluminum plant, sel501-2 device is mainly used for the protection of rectifier transformer. The display screen of the host workstation shall display the switch displacement in different colors and flash(brown fused alumina micropowder), digital filtering, distance protection, and display the alarm provisions at the same time.

(cheap white fused aluminum oxide factory panama)Electrical protection technology is based on the power supply and distribution system between normal and abnormal electricity difference(white aluminum oxide), design the corresponding working principle of relay protection device, such as current protection, voltage protection, direction protection, differential protection and so on(corundum abrasive). Any information generated by the sequence of events record report cannot be modified.

When the power supply and distribution system fails or the electrical equipment is abnormal(pink corundum), the corresponding parameters such as current, voltage, phase and so on will change. The accident alarm and warning alarm shall be distinguished by different colors and different sounds(white aluminium oxide grit suppliers), automatic safety device, and the event recording Printer shall be started automatically(including whole station communication).(cheap white fused aluminum oxide factory panama)

The former is circuit breaker trip and protection device action signal caused by abnormal operation(white aluminum oxide 120 grit), and other signals affecting the safe operation of the whole station Interruption, fire alarm of fire protection system, etc. When an accident occurs, the accident alarm device will give an audible alarm immediately(white alumina powder). The time span of accident recollection and the time interval of record point should be set easily.

(cheap white fused aluminum oxide factory panama)For the former, the accident siren, fault alarm bell and warning sound shall be activated(white corundum), and the red alarm box shall pop up; for the latter, the fault siren and warning sound shall be activated, and the yellow alarm box shall pop up. The accident alarm can be confirmed manually and automatically(aluminium oxide sandblasting). Management authority can be divided into system administrator, station master, duty officer, etc.

After the accident alarm is confirmed, if the accident is not eliminated within the specified period (the period can be set manually), the system shall start the accident alarm again. This function should be able to enable or disable each accident alarm signal according to the actual needs(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). However, some recorded information in multiple events can be selected and combined to facilitate post analysis.(cheap white fused aluminum oxide factory panama)

The resolution of event sequence recording function shall not be greater than 1ms(brown fused alumina price). The state changes of important equipment in the switch station shall be listed as sequence of events (SOE), mainly including the action signals of circuit breaker, disconnector, relay protection device, standby automatic switch and other equipment(aluminum oxide blasting abrasive); DC system, small current grounding line selection system and fault signal.

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