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Cheap White Fused Aluminum Oxide Refractory Mexico

The steel-making converter is generally lined with magnesium bricks(white corundum). The service life of Japan is 300-500 times, the unit consumption of refractories is about 2.0kg/t copper, the service life of South Africa is 400-450 times, and the unit consumption of refractories is 2.0kg-2.5kg/t copper(brown aluminum oxide grit); The copper converter of kennicot smelter in the United States is built with combined magnesia chrome bricks.

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One furnace produces 20000 tons of crude copper and the unit consumption of refractory materials is 3.6kg/ton copper(brown fused alumina price). The service life of the flat glass tank furnace is generally 5-8 years, chrome magnesia brick, and the high one can reach 10 years. The service life of petrochemical kiln lining is generally about 5 years, sometimes 8-10 years(white aluminium oxide powder). Cement rotary kiln is an important thermal equipment in building materials industry.

Therefore, the two parts are generally built with pyro cast magnesia bricks, and the rest parts are built with point joint magnesia chrome bricks(black aluminum oxide); the smoke exhaust tower is generally built with clay bricks, and some parts are built with ordinary alkaline bricks. After several minor repairs, the service life of the flash furnace built with the above materials can reach 4-6 years(aluminium oxide material for blasting), while the service life of the basic brick masonry is only half a year.

The density can be divided into pre tropical zone, combustion zone, decomposition zone, firing zone and cooling zone(pink aluminum oxide). The operating conditions of each belt are different, and the varieties of refractories used are also quite different. The wall of the tank is made of molasse brick by electric melting, and the rest parts are mainly made of silica brick and wax stone brick(silicon carbide companies). The tuyere area is made of fused cast bricks.

In the past, high alumina bricks and drilled bricks were generally used for cement rotary inspection(silicon carbide price). Since the sixties and sixties, due to the large-scale and intensive operation of density, the dense lining of high-temperature parts has generally adopted the basic masonry, mainly including magnesia chrome brick(brown aluminum oxide sand), 220 days with periclase spinel brick as color lining, dolomite brick and magnesia alumina spinel brick.

In the past, the service life of MgAl spinel brick lining was 40% to 2 times longer than that of mgcr brick, and the pollution caused by chromium could be eliminated(white fused alumina). A few days ago, the average life span of cement country rotary curtain in Soviet Union in 1980 was as follows: 53 days higher than that in 1979(arc fused alumina); 361 days with high temperature fired magnesia chrome brick as falling lining, 77 days higher than that in 1979.

The service life of the tank is 15-30 months(green carborundum); In addition to the silicon brick used for the top and upper structure of the tank, the electric fused corundum brick and the electric fused corundum brick are generally used for the glass tank. The unburned Qian brick or Mg CR transfer brick are generally used for the high temperature part of the regenerator(white aluminum oxide rubbing compound), light refractory castables, and the chrome American brick is also used.

For example, the changes of Japanese cement to dense refractories are as follows(white aluminum oxide): in the electric power industrial kilns of petrochemical industry in Shanghai, the use of amorphous refractories is very common, and its varieties include high-grade or common refractory injection materials, acid resistant refractory castables and refractory spraying coatings(fused alumina). The service life of power boiler lining is generally 10-15 years.

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