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Cheap White Fused Aluminum Oxide Wholesale Price Italy

In order to improve the service life of the electric furnace and the brown fused alumina price working conditions in front of the furnace, many parts of the furnace need to be cooled by water. These parts include electrode holder, furnace shell, furnace bottom, secondary short net, connecting bag, smoke hood, etc. Furnace body cooling. It includes upper and lower rings, green silicon carbide furnace bottom and middle square groove supporting rings.

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The upper and lower rings are made of white fused alumina copper pipes with many small holes drilled on the surface. In smelting, cooling water is passed through both ends of the water ring, and then it is ejected from the small holes on the pipe wall. There is interlayer cooling water in the square groove supporting ring in the middle of the black silicon carbide furnace body, which can continue to cool the furnace bottom after flowing out of the supporting ring.(cheap white fused aluminum oxide wholesale price italy)

The electrode holders of large and medium-sized electric furnaces are equipped with water-cooled sleeves, black corundum which require continuous water supply and cooling in smelting. The secondary bus should be heated by a large current, especially the bus on the upper part of the hearth will be affected by thermal radiation, which is more likely to be damaged. Tubular conductor can be considered for this section of bus, and aluminum oxide abrasive cooling water can be used when working.

(cheap white fused aluminum oxide wholesale price italy)white aluminum oxide is wrapped and cooled. In the design of electric furnace, each water-cooled component shall have an independent switch, so as to adjust the water-saving flow and replace the water-cooled components. The water cooling system shall also be equipped with a drainage box (water collecting tank) for easy observation, so as to check the pink alumina circulation of cooling water and measure the flow and temperature of water.

The pressure of input water should be 0.2MPa, and the pink corundum temperature of outlet water should be 45 ~ 50 ℃. The amount of exhaust gas depends on the capacity of electric furnace and smelting process. The composition and temperature of flue gas are different in different smelting stages, mainly Co, CO2, 02, etc. During the aluminum oxide grit production of single crystal corundum, sulfur-containing gases such as SO2 and H2S will also be produced.(cheap white fused aluminum oxide wholesale price italy)

The main method of removing smoke in brown aluminium oxide furnace is smoke hood. That is to say, a large smoke hood is arranged above the furnace body, which is mainly composed of furnace hood, chimney, furnace cover, etc. The upper cover of the furnace is a double-layer structure welded with 6-8mm steel plates. The middle interlayer can pass cooling water, and an air outlet is provided to black aluminium oxide prevent the explosion accident caused by the expansion of superheated water vapor.

(cheap white fused aluminum oxide wholesale price italy)Stop water when the silicon carbide abrasive furnace body leans out of the melt. Controller cooling. Secondary bus cooling. A lot of smoke and dust will be produced in corundum smelting. The side wall of furnace cover is welded by steel plate and lined with fire resistant brick. The welding spray water pipe or the attached water-cooling sleeve can effectively cool the 220 grit aluminum oxide blast media package.

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