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Cheap Aluminum Oxide 40/60 Grit Producers Malaysia

There are many hydrophilic polar groups on the molecule, which play the role of adsorption and bridging between particles, and eventually lead to the formation of flocs(white fused alumina). The amount of filter aid is about the same as that of solid particles in the suspension(aluminum oxide grit). Every time the drum rotates, the scraper will scrape off the pre coating layer and the filter cake to the depth of the mark, revealing the fresh pre coating layer.

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Filter aid refers to the material that can help to filter, such as diatomite(white aluminum oxide). The filter aid has two functions: one is to improve the filtration speed; the other is to insert the filter medium and select it to obtain clear filtrate. Obviously, under the premise of reaching the technical conditions, if washing on the filter, it will be much more economical(synthetic corundum). The filter cake obtained by filter cake filtration is usually saturated with water or partially dry.

(cheap aluminum oxide 40/60 grit producers malaysia)It has been widely used in almost all industrial fields, such as chemicals, food, medicine, etc., in order to improve product quality and production efficiency(white corundum). The usage of filter aid includes the method of adding filter aid, precoating layer, mixing method and the combination of pre coating method(emery abrasive). The method of adding filter aid is to mix a small amount of filter aid into suspension and filter together to form filter cake.

Because of the excellent porous property of diatomite filter aid(silicon carbide abrasive), the resistance of filter cake with it is smaller, which makes the filtration of original filtration material easier. The pre layer method refers to that before formally filtering the suspension, the filter aid powder is dispersed into the clean liquid to prepare the filter aid slurry, and then the slurry is filtered to form a cake layer of filter aid on the filter cloth(garnet abrasive), which is then filtered by the pre coating layer.(cheap aluminum oxide 40/60 grit producers malaysia)

When the precoating method is used in the intermittent filter, it is necessary to form a precoating layer about the thickness of the bed, which is enough to obtain the filtrate(green silicon carbide). When this method is used for continuous filtration of rotary drum vacuum filter, a precoating layer of about thickness should be formed on the surface of the drum first(garnet suppliers). After washing, the dirt in the filter cake is reduced to the allowable level, thus a relatively pure solid product is obtained. 

The combined use of filter aid mixing method and pre layer method refers to that the pre coating layer is formed on the medium (such as non-woven fabric), and then the suspension carrying the filter aid is filtered(black silicon carbide). After the completion of solid-liquid separation, the post-treatment of pellet refers to the continuous process, including washing and liquid-liquid separation(wake up rate burial), and then the suspension is filtered(glass bead blasting media suppliers).

(cheap aluminum oxide 40/60 grit producers malaysia)The purpose of washing is to wash away the soluble solids remaining in the liquid in the cake with clean liquid, including the precipitate or precipitate(aluminum oxide abrasive). There is a kind of washing method called "re slurry washing", that is, the filter cake is reconstituted into pulp with washing liquid, and then several stages of filtration are carried out(steel grid). This method is not only used in industry, but also used in the reuse of car washing water.

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