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Cheap Brown Fused Alumina 95% Suppliers Portugal

The reason is also due to the uneven distribution of dry current and the local current value is too large(brown fused alumina). To deal with this situation, it is necessary to use positive insulation materials. Short-term connection and lower firing temperature are beneficial to the life of electrolytic sugar, and the energy-saving effect is good(chrome corundum). When dealing with this situation, the clamp can be laid flat first.

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If necessary, blow down the amount(brown aluminum oxide). At the same time, you can also use the guide bar to cut off the comb. Another situation is the soft connection to save the straightness. Adjust the small box clamp to the maximum open state(aluminum oxide grit). It is more difficult to replace the slot pair if the center seam thermocouple is damaged (individual companies do not install the collection point of the beneficial electric couple in the center seam).(cheap brown fused alumina 95% suppliers portugal)

Low temperature burnout refers to the use of a lower melting end point to start the electrolysis fine(brown aluminium oxide). The thermoelectric side will burn out during the wax winding process. If it is the thermocouple on the side, it can be replaced by a box. What's more, it is an accident such as stress load or power failure(silicon carbide 180 grit). Carry out a sugar movement on the small box clamp every time frame, and always keep the guide rod with fine movement problems.

(cheap brown fused alumina 95% suppliers portugal)But to avoid tilting, make sure that the sample guide is tightly replaced with the large bus to prevent excessive current from passing through(white alumina). When replacing the thermoelectric side mark of the middle seam, pay attention to avoid materials falling into the wall to live in the electrolyte wine channel, or not to replace the new thermoelectric cooker(garnet abrasive). Expose the anode and ensure that the steel system is fully ventilated.

When the environment is opened, the building is built to press the horizontal surface, and then the tomb is pressed down and asked about it, and it can be tightened again(black corundum). To avoid this abnormal view, one is to keep a gap of about 5mm in the anode guide rod when laying the coke and hanging pole, and it should not be too large(artificial corundum). If a stress load occurs, it will last for a long time. The second is after 24 hours of roasting.(cheap brown fused alumina 95% suppliers portugal)

Before installing the soft connection upstairs, the group must be corrected to "gong thinking"(pink corundum). The shunt should be removed in advance to ensure that the temperature meets the start-up requirements: if an unexpected power failure occurs, the initial rotation finger insulation should be done to ensure that the power failure does not exceed half an hour(garnet suppliers), and the shunt can be bridged immediately after the power supply fails to rise.

(cheap brown fused alumina 95% suppliers portugal)Traditionally, the culture temperature should be around 900°C to reach the standard of dark electrolysis(green silicon carbide). The most empirical management of electrolytic fines after startup shows that it takes about a week. The fine internal material is the endothermic stage, and the solid paste continues to be coked(white aluminum oxide powder). To deal with this phenomenon, the crimping part of the guide rod should be loosened, and a wooden rod should be used.

When the 320kA electrolysis transmission of a certain factory was put into production during the toughening period, the initial burning resistance was basically around 900 ℃(black silicon carbide), but after the electrolyte was automatically filled, there were too many emails about the high temperature of the bottom protection steel, and some caused early protection(white aluminum oxide abrasive). When calculating the average temperature, subtract one collection point.(cheap brown fused alumina 95% suppliers portugal)

The bottom sulphur chess, in the continuous technical improvement(aluminum oxide abrasive), after the overhaul of the electrolytic fine burning all adopts the temperature grouping technology, which solves the problem of the high temperature of the bottom steel plate after the start. This is the wrong carbon during installation(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). This situation and local overheating belong to the same kind of observations, which are more common at the same time.

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