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Cheapest 150 Grit Aluminum Oxide Suppliers Colombia

In order to improve the problem of burn on the arc fused alumina grinding surface, in addition to the reasonable selection of the grinding amount and the improvement of the cooling method (measures for improving the heat transfer conditions), a method of reducing the heat generation intensity of the grinding zone can be employed. Of course, this does not mean losing productivity and reducing the heat source strength.

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In fact, in the grinding process silicon carbide price, there is also the potential to greatly reduce the power of the heat source without reducing the amount of grinding and without losing productivity. The cutting force per unit cutting area during grinding is about 100 000 ~ 200 000 N/mm2, which exceeds the strength limit of the material dozens of times. Obviously, such a large cutting force is not caused by the strong force of the material being processed. However, it is caused by fused alumina abnormally large friction, so it is no wonder that some scholars have studied grinding and friction as the same problem.

(cheapest 150 grit aluminum oxide suppliers colombia)This means that the grinding process is a very unsatisfactory cutting process. The specific gravity of the artificial corundum abrasive particles involved in the cutting is very low. Most of the abrasive grains only rub against the machined surface (slip and plough) without cutting, so the cutting process is improved. It can reduce the power consumption and reduce the temperature of the grinding zone without affecting the productivity. In the cutting of aluminium oxide sandblasting abrasive grains, the blade is very blunt, and its sharpest edge also has a relatively large arc radius and is spherical.

In the grinding process, the cutting thickness of each brown aluminum oxide abrasive grain is often in the range of 0.2" 0.02 8 im. In most cases, the metal being cut is only squeezed and not removed. This layer of metal is only peeled off after a large number of subsequent abrasive grains are repeatedly pressed and repeatedly crushed, so most of the cutting resistance is friction. If the blade is sharper and sharper, the aluminium oxide blasting grinding force will inevitably decrease and the power consumption will be less.(cheapest 150 grit aluminum oxide suppliers colombia)

Therefore, the temperature in the grinding zone will inevitably decrease. However, the tip of the 150 grit aluminum oxide abrasive grain is naturally formed, and the radius R of the blade edge determines the hardness and strength of the abrasive grain. The hardness and strength are not sufficient, and J cannot obtain a small p. Even if it is accidentally obtained, it cannot be maintained during grinding, and in fact cannot be maintained during the pulverization of the manufactured abrasive grains.(cheapest 150 grit aluminum oxide suppliers colombia)

The increase in hardness and strength of the abrasive is clearly an important direction. In addition to the traditional four kinds of basic abrasives such as brown fused alumina, white corundum, black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide, the abrasives produced in China have also developed a series of new high-quality abrasives, such as single crystal corundum, microcrystalline corundum, chrome corundum , wrong Qin corundum, cubic silicon carbide, as well as synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride. Use diamond and synthetic diamond as the abrasive.

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