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Cheapest 46 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blast Media Malaysia

There are two kinds of spring plate: tangential and longitudinal(glass beads supplier). It is divided into two systems of main drive and auxiliary drive. It can also be driven by a half scattered gear or belt in the middle, or by two sets of motor and reducer. The vibrating screen has the advantages of simple structure, large production capacity, high screening efficiency(aluminum oxide blasting), wide range of application, suitable for coarse, medium and fine screening.

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The main motor shall have speed regulation function(white fused alumina). It can calcine refractory raw materials which are difficult to sinter and easy to be humped. The bauxite with high alumina content (super grade and grade 1) is difficult to master in the shaft kiln calcination, with high calcination temperature, easy to stick to the kiln, and low temperature, less sintering material increases(glass beads manufacturers). It is suitable to use rotary kiln for calcination.

The raw materials in the rotary kiln are evenly heated, the calcination temperature is easy to control(silicon carbide price), the product qualification rate is high, most of the fuel ash is taken away by the flue gas, and the product purity is high. For the raw material of dolomite which is difficult to sinter, the qualified dolomite sand can be burnt in the rotary kiln after special processing(garnet abrasive price). The main drive system is mostly composed of main motor, main reducer, gear and big gear ring. 

Its disadvantages are: large capital construction investment, high equipment quality, and large floor area; large dust content in the waste gas of rotary kiln(green carborundum), especially the high-temperature waste gas dedusting has not passed the customs, which has certain pollution to the environment; more raw materials and fuels are consumed per unit product(glass bead abrasive). It is set at the lower part of the kiln head cover, built of red brick, lined with clay brick, and reinforced with steel framework on the outside.

The purpose of selecting raw materials is to select the sundries, raw materials(silicon carbide companies), unburned fuel and melting lump which are mixed in the raw materials; according to the appearance characteristics of the raw materials, they are stacked in different grades for the convenience of management and use(steel shot abrasive). A feeding pipe is set on the top to feed the materials directly into the kiln, and the flue gas enters the dust collection room from the kiln tail.

Due to the requirements of transportation and installation, the ring gear is divided into two halves, and the number of teeth is even(arc fused alumina). For a large lime shaft kiln with coke as fuel, the inner diameter of the kiln body at the lower part of the cooling belt is gradually reduced to connect with the discharge plate of the discharging machine(carborundum grit suppliers). The side wall of the hot smoke chamber is equipped with a small door for observation and treatment of materials.

Due to the decrease of the flow rate, part of the dust settles in the room(fused alumina). The side wall is equipped with a flue gas discharge pipe, and the lower part of the room is equipped with a dust cleaning door or a mechanical ash conveying device. Raw material processing is to process various shapes and sizes of raw materials (including raw ore and clinker) into the required particle size(silicon carbide grit suppliers), and remove impurities mixed in raw materials for the preparation of bricks.

One side of the middle part is provided with a blanking port(black oxide aluminum), which slides the calcined materials of the rotary kiln to the cooling device, and the cold air entering the cooling device exchanges heat with the calcined materials of the rotary kiln, and the temperature can reach about 500 ℃, which is attracted to the kiln by the smoke exhaust device as the secondary air(carborundum powder). Each row of burners is evenly arranged along the periphery of the kiln body.

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