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Because in the process of rolling or sliding contact(glass beads supplier), the surface of the material will undergo different degrees of plastic deformation and work hardening, that is, the cyclic hardening increases the surface hardness, not the original hardness(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media), which is the actual hardness at work. Special attention is paid to the analysis and calculation of contact stress and the analysis of material structure and performance.

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Studies have shown that there are two stages in the process of rolling fatigue wear, namely the initiation stage of cracks and the stage of crack propagation to spalling(black oxide aluminum). Due to the action of shear stress, dislocation movement will occur on the subsurface, and dislocations will form piles at obstacles such as non-metallic inclusions or grain boundaries(pink aluminium oxide). There are many factors influencing fatigue and wear.(cheapest alumina company switzerland)

Because in the rolling process(fused alumina), the direction of the shear stress acts repeatedly, causing the dislocation to move forward, then backward, and voids are generated due to the mutual cutting of the dislocations, and the formation of voids due to the concentration of voids is irreversible(silicon carbide abrasive powder). In order to achieve a new balance, the cracks can only continue to grow. The key to improving fatigue life is the purity of the material.

(cheapest alumina company switzerland)Among the many factors, they mainly come from four aspects(arc fused alumina): There is an empirical formula that expresses the numerical relationship between failure time and maximum contact stress: t=constant/d. Due to stress concentration, plastic flow occurs and heat is released(brown fused alumina grit). Certain reactive substances and metals in the atmosphere can easily cause chemical reactions in these parts, making cracks easier to grow.

First is the influence of the worn material itself; second is the load; third is the lubricating medium(silicon carbide companies); fourth is the influence of the working environment. For fatigue that requires the reduction of non-metallic inclusions and gas content High-quality smelting methods must be selected for wear materials. The value of is much larger than that of the paraffinic base oil of the same viscosity(steel grid). Directly affect fatigue wear.(cheapest alumina company switzerland)

In addition, it is necessary to control the structure of the metal(brown fused alumina). Generally speaking, increasing the content of retained austenite will increase the life. When the oil film thickness h. And the average R of the two surfaces. It can be said that the higher the purity of the material, the longer the life(glass bead blasting media suppliers). High-purity materials come from the metallurgical process. For materials, it is mainly metal materials.

(cheapest alumina company switzerland)There are different opinions on this, but it is generally believed that the increase of retained austenite can increase the contact area(silicon carbide price), reduce the contact stress, and also cause deformation strengthening and strain-induced martensite transformation, and increase the surface residual compressive stress to hinder the initiation of fatigue cracks(garnet suppliers). And expansion. Therefore, the higher the content, the longer the fatigue wear life.

The hardness of the material also has an important influence on fatigue wear, because in fatigue wear(green carborundum), the generation of cracks is the key, and the higher the hardness of the material, the more difficult it is for cracks to form, so the fatigue life is longer. After the cup is treated, the surface is mainly hardened by work hardening(garnet abrasive). In rolling contact, the minimum oil film thickness h for elastohydrodynamic lubrication.

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