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Cheapest Alumina Grit Manufacturers In Malaysia

Due to the increasing demand for high quality abrasives and refractories, people are looking for brown fused alumina (BFA) with optimized hardness and durability. In order to reach such a limit, it is necessary to know how the chemical composition and impurities can improve or reduce the quality of Xinyu brown corundum.

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This paper lists the quality requirements of the most common special products and their relationship with the production of brown aluminum oxide (BFA). Bauxite from each producing area has its unique chemical composition and properties. Therefore, the producers of black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit can mix bauxite from different producing areas to obtain an optimized furnace charge, which can provide economic and practical advantages.

(cheapest alumina grit manufacturers in malaysia)The producers of brown aluminium oxide clearly describe these basic chemical and physical properties. Due to the regional characteristics of the production and consumption of brown corundum, both producers and consumers are familiar with the special quality requirements of the final use of brown corundum. Many black alumina producers in North America and Europe have either stopped production or merged.

At the same time, China has become the main supplier of black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media in the world. The consumers of brown corundum have also experienced a similar merger. In this process, the quality requirements of special products beyond the general technical conditions of aluminium oxide abrasive grit may be ignored, and the change of suppliers may lead to some defects in product performance.(cheapest alumina grit manufacturers in malaysia)

The production of chrome corundum stipulates the technical conditions of brown corundum to achieve high quality of final products, which requires an understanding of the use direction of products and the production process of brown corundum. The grinding and fire resistance characteristics of corundum white are affected by its basic chemical composition, impurity content and impurity distribution in its crystal structure.

(cheapest alumina grit manufacturers in malaysia)Before 1980, bauxite was transported from all over the world to black aluminum oxide blast media producers. In the past two decades, the regional production of brown corundum has changed. Brown corundum is produced by reduction of Calcined Bauxite in an electric arc furnace. Coke and coal are two carbon sources commonly used as reducers. In smelting process, excessive impurities (iron oxide, silica and titanium oxide) in Calcined Bauxite are reduced to fused aluminum oxide metal.

The aluminium oxide sandblasting reduction process of impurities to metals is as follows: Fe2O3 + 3C → 2Fe + CO, SiO2 + 2C → Si + 2CO, TiO2 + 2C → Ti + 2CO. The excess iron added in the charge and the reduced metal impurities form ferrosilicon alloy. Most of the ferrosilicon alloy precipitates from the black synthetic corundum and deposits at the bottom of the furnace. In a tilting furnace, brown corundum is poured out first, followed by ferrosilicon.(cheapest alumina grit manufacturers in malaysia)

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