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Cheapest Alumina Polishing Powder Manufacturers Mexico

Therefore, in the past two decades(white fused alumina), the converter steelmaking method has been put into industrial production, when Beihanmai invented the blast converter steelmaking, referred to as Bessemer converter; in 1878, the Thomas coal steel method appeared, which can be processed High phosphorus production, smelting various steels(glass bead blasting media suppliers). In 1952, the world's first 30-ton top-blown oxygen converter for industrial production was built.

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So far, a variety of raw materials can be used to cure open hearth steel and electric furnace steel(white aluminum oxide), and the nitrogen content in the steel can be reduced to 0.001%, and the content of phosphorus and phosphorus can be controlled within the required range(steel grid); Therefore, in the past three decades, LD converters have been widely used in new steel or old renovations in various countries, and have gradually replaced open hearth furnaces.(cheapest alumina polishing powder manufacturers mexico)

For example, in the steelmaking process(white corundum), the top-blown oxygen converter Kaldo converted to Shanghai and rotary The converter (Rotar), especially since the LD converter was put into industrial production in 1952, has undergone major changes in the iron and steel industry, with a new look, and promoted the development of the refractory industry(fine grit aluminum oxide), becoming the most important steelmaking method in the contemporary era.

(cheapest alumina polishing powder manufacturers mexico)The top-blown oxygen converter steelmaking method (also known as the LD smelting Dong method) is a sixteen-year experimental research conducted by Professor Rishman R. Lyle before and after it was officially declared successful in May 1948(silicon carbide price). Subsequently, semi-industrial tests were carried out in steel mills in the two cities of Linz and Donawitz, Austria. The lining bricks made of these raw materials can resist the corrosion of alkaline slag(180 grit aluminum oxide).

When the furnace body is dumped in the horizontal position(arc fused alumina), when it is turned to the vertical position, a water-cooled sleeve type oxygen lance is used to spray industrial pure oxygen from the top furnace 1 into the smelting tank at high speed, so that the molten iron and copper scrap The impurities are oxidized(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media), and various stimulants and alloy materials are added at the same time, and smelting qualified steel grades.(cheapest alumina polishing powder manufacturers mexico)

Compared with the open hearth furnace method, the steel-making method has the following advantages(fused alumina): lower capital construction costs and operating costs, that is, the same scale boiler plant can save 30-50% of investment, thereby forming slag that meets the requirements, and operating costs can be reduced to 55-60%(100 grit aluminum oxide media); starting in 1856, feeding or tapping; smelted steel There are many kinds and good quality.

(cheapest alumina polishing powder manufacturers mexico)This steel-making method is a variation and improvement of the Beizhaimai converter(garnet abrasive), called the Toma tearing converter; it has high thermal efficiency, because oxygen directly stirs the molten steel and slag, the metallurgical reaction speed is about 15 times that of the open furnace, and it can be refined in 40 minutes(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The sulphur-blown oxygen converter is in the shape of a cylinder, supported and tilted by means of a horizontal E-axis.

After the Second World War, industrial pure oxygen was used in the steelmaking industry, and the oxygen converter steelmaking method was born(garnet suppliers). Furnace steel, and without fuel, can save energy and reduce the cost of steel; high production efficiency, the hourly production of steel is more than 10 times that of open hearth furnaces, and the consumption of phenolic fire materials is low, about 1/10 of that of open hearth furnaces(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit).

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