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Cheapest Aluminium Oxide Grit Blasting Vendor China

Soviet oxygen converters are mainly made of tar dolomite bricks, and some factories use magnesium bricks(aluminium grit blasting). Magnesia-chrome bricks have also been tested, but because the spinel phase cannot withstand the erosion of high-alkalinity slag, and after mixing, it is currently limited to the parts of the furnace cap that are prone to cracking(aluminum oxide blasting). Limestone is rich in resources and is also an alkaline refractory raw material.

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In recent years, the use of mirror bricks or magnesia dolomite bricks is expanding(silicon carbide price); because magnesia bricks are only 20-30% more expensive than dolomite bricks, and 200-300 more expensive in Europe In the natural world, Japan is deficient in resources, so synthetic magnesium dolomite bricks with MgO content of about 70-85% and CaO content of 15-30% are mainly used as oxygen converter lining(silicon carbide abrasive powder), and the use effect is good.

However, after polycrystalline sintering, it is easy to hydrate at normal temperature, which is inconvenient for mass production and storage and transportation(green carborundum). In the initial stage of oxygen converter production, the United States chlorine converter BOF lining bricks mainly use magnesia bricks, Japan used natural dolomite sand and stabilized dolomite sand to make furnace lining bricks(alumina polishing powder), and good volume stability at high temperature.  

Poland and Bulgaria do not have practical magnesia and dolomite refractory materials and are reluctant to import(silicon carbide companies). Therefore, tar and lime bricks are commonly used as lining in oxygen converter steel mills, and the results are better. Since the use of oxygen converters for steelmaking(aluminium oxide polishing powder), magnesia and dolomite refractory materials have been widely used in various countries as furnace lining, or a mixture of the two to make bricks.

Since the early 1960s, Japan has successfully developed synthetic magnesium dolomite sand(brown fused alumina), the quality of furnace lining bricks has gradually improved, and the variety has continued to increase. The former is low in price and is still used on converters. The latter has good mechanical properties and can prevent hydration, but it has many impurities and poor slag resistance(low density white alumina). It is no longer used; there are two manufacturing methods.

The fine magnesium powder is mixed with lightly burnt active dolomite, crushed, kneaded and pressed, and calcined at high temperature to form a clinker with a uniform structure and strong slag resistance(arc fused alumina). Use synthetic resin as a binder to make magnesia carbon bricks. The brick has high melting temperature, low impurity content(silicon carbide grit suppliers). CaO is sealed in it, which improves slag resistance and high temperature performance.

Using the above raw materials to make tar-bound and fired magnesia dolomite bricks, the application is very common and has achieved good results(brown aluminum oxide). This material is also known as magnesium-rich dolomite sand; one is Add appropriate amount of lime or lightly burned dolomite to the magnesium hydroxide extracted from seawater(carborundum powder), press the ball and burn it at high temperature to form a continuous MgO crystal network.

Limestone can be made into lime brick after being calcined at high temperature(fused alumina). In addition, Japan added fused magnesia to synthetic magnesia dolomite sand to make bricks, or used magnesia and fused magnesia as raw materials to manufacture directly bonded bricks and impregnated bricks(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers), using dead burned high purity magnesia and natural flake graphite as raw materials. Hydration is also improved.

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