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Cheapest Aluminium Oxide Grit Suppliers In China

As a kind of artificial corundum, brown corundum has the characteristics of good hardness, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, wear resistance and compression resistance. Under high temperature, brown corundum does not burst or pulverize. After 100 grit aluminum oxide media processing and manufacturing, the particles are well proportioned, clean and tidy, and convenient for binding agent combination.

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These characteristics are directly related to the raw materials for making brown fused alumina. There are many kinds of raw materials for making brown corundum, among which bauxite is the most widely used. The bauxite itself is quite stable. There are different raw materials for each manufacturer to make black aluminium oxide. Different collocations of raw materials directly affect the later use of brown corundum.

(cheapest aluminium oxide grit suppliers in china)In recent years, the performance characteristics of brown aluminum oxide and its cost performance ratio are very popular with users. It can be predicted that the future development trend of brown corundum is rising rapidly. Brown corundum is one of the most popular artificial corundum. Its development space is very large. It is hoped that through hard research, the use of black silicon carbide will be more extensive. 

The raw material of white corundum is bauxite, which is the highest content of bauxite in artificial corundum. The characteristics of brown corundum are: suitable for high temperature use, no pulverization, no bursting, good hardness. Impact resistance. Brown corundum is most suitable for use in related industries of pink alumina industry. Because of its wide range of use, especially its cost performance, it is more popular than other corundum.(cheapest aluminium oxide grit suppliers in china)

However, white alumina is not suitable for use in all industries. Brown corundum is suitable for refractories, sandblasting, grinding, abrasive polishing, sandpaper, filler, aggregate, grinding wheel Water quality filtration. These are used in industrial areas. Other industries may also use black fused alumina. Brown corundum is widely used in different fields. That's because the raw material selection is perfect in the production process of green silicon carbide.

(cheapest aluminium oxide grit suppliers in china)Wear and corrosion resistance. The processed black corundum does not burst, pulverize, have good thermal stability, withstand pressure, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics in the use process. Especially the use of brown corundum in refractories. The function of aluminum oxide grit in refractories: anticorrosion, durability, compact density, and effective improvement of the overall performance of refractories.

This is not found in other properties of corundum. If the pink corundum is added into the refractories according to the proportion, the ordinary refractories will become high-grade refractories. The brown corundum is also the raw material for making refractories. Because of the characteristics of silicon carbide abrasive, the performance, application scope and effect of refractories will be improved.(cheapest aluminium oxide grit suppliers in china)

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