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Cheapest Aluminium Oxide Grit Suppliers Switzerland

There are some similarities between the raw materials of iron sand and white aluminum oxide. Among the raw materials of white corundum, bauxite accounts for the highest proportion, while the function of aluminum oxide grit after its production has the same characteristics of wear resistance and large pressure. Iron sand comes from the extract of lakes and reservoirs.

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After being made separately, it becomes fine brown aluminium oxide particles. It is characterized by spearhead and high hardness. It can be used in heat treatment, refractory, rust removal, metallurgy, sand cleaning and other related professions. However, the characteristics and application scope of white aluminum oxide blast media are quite similar to those of iron sand. We all know that after long-term oxidation of iron, corrosion will occur, which is very bad for the later use.

(cheapest aluminium oxide grit suppliers switzerland)Why not use iron sand in the raw materials of white fused alumina? Let Xiaobian inform you: in the process of white corundum production, the function of iron sand is not stable under high temperature after high temperature forging, and the use of synthetic corundum in the later stage will also contact the process of high temperature calcination, so the demand for anticorrosion is relatively high In the high environment, iron sand can't be used.

The above conclusions have been verified by technicians, so users need not doubt whether the raw materials of silicon carbide abrasive can be interchanged or not. The raw materials are equipped with scientific verification, so that users do not have quality doubts in later use. Sand blasting personnel shall wear sand clothes or canvas work clothes, aluminium oxide grit suppliers dust-proof protective masks, high-end sneakers and canvas gloves.(cheapest aluminium oxide grit suppliers switzerland)

The control personnel shall wear work clothes, work caps, dust masks and goggles. The lighting equipment used in green silicon carbide sandblasting must be a 36V safety light with protective cover. The operator is allowed to open the compressed air valve after holding the spray gun. At the end of the emery abrasive work, he is allowed to put down the spray gun after the compressed air is completely discharged. Non staff are not allowed to enter the sandblasting site.

(cheapest aluminium oxide grit suppliers switzerland)It is strictly prohibited to take the spray When troubleshooting, close the compressed air and hold the gun tightly to prevent the nozzle from flying out suddenly. When black silicon carbide sandblasting the airtight equipment, the operator must wear a sand coat, install the exhaust (air extraction) equipment, and have a special person in charge of internal and external contact at the hole. During the operation, the pink fused alumina operator and the control personnel should cooperate closely.

There are many similarities between iron sand and aluminum oxide abrasive raw materials. The molecular formula of silicon nitride is Si3N4, and the crystal type is α - type and β - type, both of which are hexagonal crystal system. The content of Si3N4 is 98.5% and that of free silicon is 1.5%. Its melting point is 1900 ℃ (fused aluminium oxide sublimation decomposition), high strength, small thermal expansion, toughness and strong corrosion resistance.(cheapest aluminium oxide grit suppliers switzerland)

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