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Cheapest Aluminium Oxide Material For Blasting Hungary

Under the same conditions, in the converter smelting process(brown fused alumina), in addition to using lightly burned Baiyun slag, a certain amount of manganese ore, soft silica and converter return flow are added to replace fluorite. With the unloaded stone smelting operation, the damage of the furnace lining can be greatly reduced, and the service life can be significantly improved(garnet abrasive). When AMgO is equal to zero, the furnace lining is basically not damaged.

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China also uses light-burning dolomite for slagging in the process of making steel by chlorine converter(brown aluminum oxide). For example, Shougang used raw dolomite and magnesite ore for slagging from 1973 to 1977. The age of oxygen conversion furnace was about 200 times higher than that of slagging with common materials(garnet suppliers). Since 1978, high magnesia plus manganese materials have been used. Slag making has also doubled the furnace age.

In the initial stage of smelting, high-magnesium manganese-added materials(brown aluminium oxide), high-magnesium materials and common materials are used for slagging, that is, and the erosion rate of the furnace lining is sequentially increased(white fused aluminum oxide). Of course, the increase in the life of the lining is also related to the improvement of the spray repair technology and the use of auxiliary grab (non-down furnace) operation and other factors.

The effect of adding Baigongshi is basically the same as that of Yingshi(silicon carbide price). Because the MR of Baiyun stone towel can be combined with SiO2 in the slag to produce low-melting calcium-bonded olivine Mg · CaO · SiO2, which decomposes at 1490C, avoids the formation of high-melting materials such as dicalcium silicate, and can improve the fluidity of the slag(glass bead blasting media suppliers), Improve the call and promote early slag reduction.

The melting point is 1890 ° C, thereby increasing the alkalinity and viscosity of the final slag and reducing the erosion of the slag on the lining speed(green carborundum). At the same time, when the concentration of MgO reaches the end of saturation (alkalinity is 3.0 ~ 3.5), the viscosity increases, the amount of adhesion on the lining increases(steel grid), forming a molten protective layer, which can significantly increase the service life of the lining.

If the silicon content in the molten iron is 0.4%(fused alumina), in order to keep the lining from melting, the MgO content in the molten slag must reach about 6% to achieve it; when the silicon content in the molten iron increases to 1.0%, the molten slag The MgO content should be about 10%, so that the lining will not be damaged(aluminium oxide grit blasting vendor). Therefore, the oven curve of the oxygen converter should be formulated according to the actual conditions of each plant.

This means that when the raw material conditions and operation levels are different(arc fused alumina), in order to maintain the long life of the oxygen converter lining, the MgO content in the slag must reach the required value, the amount of dolomite slag sizing agent should be adjusted reasonably(brown fused alumina for abrasive). The dolomite slag-making agent continues to dissolve, the MgO content in the slag increases, and more forsterite 2MgO · SiO2 is gradually produced.

In 1980, the average furnace age of the top-blown oxygen converter reached 1502 times(silicon carbide companies). It should be pointed out that the large amount of impurities in the molten iron results in an increase in the amount of slag and a decrease in alkalinity, which easily causes splashing, prolongs the smelting time(aluminium oxide for blasting), and the tapping temperature is also high, which deteriorates the working conditions of the lining and accelerates the damage.

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