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Cheapest Aluminium Oxide Powder Wholesale Price Turkey

Multiple plastic deformation wear mechanism in abrasive wear, when the abrasive particles slide across the surface of the material to be ground(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight), most of them push the material to both sides or leading edge except cutting. The plastic deformation of these materials is very large, but it can not leave the matrix, and the materials at the bottom and near the groove also have large deformation(black synthetic corundum). The material can not continue to deform and absorb energy.

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If the indenter with small curvature radius is used, it will often become elastic-plastic deformation(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). Such repeated plastic deformation will cause the material to produce work hardening or other strengthening effects and eventually peel off and become wear debris. In furrow, some of the material may be cut to form chips(brown fused alumina oxide), while some of the material may not be cut and pushed to both sides and leading edge after plastic deformation.(cheapest aluminium oxide powder wholesale price turkey)

After furrow or furrow(white aluminum oxide powder), the materials accumulated on both sides and leading edge and the materials in the groove may flatten the accumulated materials under the action of subsequent abrasive particles, and may also cause the deformed trench bottom materials to meet the plough wrinkle deformation again(synthetic corundum price). Such repeated plastic deformation and cold work hardening make the material gradually harden, brittle peel off and even become chips.

(cheapest aluminium oxide powder wholesale price turkey)When the grinding ball of ball mill impacts the abrasive(silicon carbide 180 grit), it often forms crater on the surface and extrudes lip flange around the crater, which can only cause plastic deformation of the surface, and the cutting component is less. This form of abrasive wear on the ball and village plate of ball mill, tooth plate of frequency crusher and wall of cone crusher is more typical(fine grit aluminum oxide). Fatigue wear is caused by the periodic loading on the microstructure of the surface layer.

There is another case, such as erosion wear with larger impact angle. It can also be said that when the hardness of abrasive particles exceeds the hardness of the material on the surface of the parts at home and abroad, under the effect of impact force, the abrasive is pressed into the surface of the material, making the material plastic flow, forming pits and its surrounding flange(180 grit aluminum oxide). When the second abrasive particle is pressed into the pit and the flange around it, plastic flow occurs repeatedly.

Many researchers have obtained a large number of data on this mechanism through their own specific experiments(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), which have proved the wear mechanism of the material being ground. Many scholars have put forward various views and opinions according to their own experiments, which are not described here(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media). Fatigue wear mechanism kragelski proposed that "fatigue wear mechanism plays a leading role in general abrasive wear".

Fatigue is a special failure mode caused by repeated stress cycles(pink fused alumina). The stress amplitude of this stress cycle does not exceed the elastic limit of the material. The plastic deformation reduces the stress redistribution ability of the material(black fused alumina). Some sections (when the external force is constant) gradually lose plasticity and change into brittle state due to the stress growth (concentration), and then fracture into wear debris under the impact force.(cheapest aluminium oxide powder wholesale price turkey)

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