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Cheapest Aluminium Oxide Sandblasting Suppliers Mexico

On the one hand, the slow drying agent can dilute the ink(high purity fused aluminum oxide), on the other hand, it can adjust the drying speed of the ink to prevent the drying too fast, resulting in the oil dry solid blocking network. This kind of ink is less used, and the price is relatively high. There are not many white matching formulas. There are two representative formulas(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). The commonly used defoamer is organosilicon, and it has good defoaming effect.

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Another function of the slow drying agent is to adjust the drying speed of the ink surface to slow down(aluminium oxide 36 grit), reduce the saw edge of the line and smooth the ink layer surface, which can reduce the appearance of the surface netting, which actually plays a role as a change promoter. Special attention should be paid to the deployment of wave ink(aluminum oxide 40 grit). In some silk screen printing, small pores appear on the surface of the ink layer of the substrate.(cheapest aluminium oxide sandblasting suppliers mexico)

If the ink dries fast, the uneven surface of the ink layer is more serious, resulting in a decline in the quality of printed graphics and text(black silicon carbide factory). For example, for anti-corrosion, corrosion sand holes appear on the surface of the image and text after etching. Solution: add a small amount of defoamer in the ink, the amount of which is 0.3% ~ 1% of the ink quality, too much will affect the adhesion of the ink layer(white aluminum oxide grit). In silk screen printing, you should pay attention to every scraping to answer the question.

(cheapest aluminium oxide sandblasting suppliers mexico)According to the way of removing ink, it can be divided into solvent type anti-corrosion ink and alkali soluble anti-corrosion oil device(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh). Solvent based anti-corrosion ink has good anti-corrosion effect, especially alkaline corrosion resistance. Solvent should be used to remove the anti-corrosion ink layer after the beam(white fused alumina for refractory). This kind of oil is to be used for alkaline etching of aluminum alloy and protection of oxidized steel.

Add 15% ~ 20% phenolic varnish or alkyd varnish into 80% ~ 85% thick white paint(black silicon carbide suppliers), add appropriate amount of turpentine to adjust viscosity, and then filter with 300 mesh screen to remove impurities. Therefore, slow drying agent and super slow drying agent are also widely used as diluent(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh). For the products with high quality requirements for silk screen printing, slow drying agent should be used to adjust the amount of oil in winter.

The purpose of the same ink is to ensure that there is oil explosion on the picture and text(white fused alumina). In order to further improve the film-forming property and corrosion resistance of the printing material, an appropriate amount of anti-corrosion asphalt can also be added(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). Because metal does not like paper has ink absorption, the metal surface is completely impervious to the ink, so the viscosity of the ink is generally higher.(cheapest aluminium oxide sandblasting suppliers mexico)

The newly adjusted ink has more bubbles(aluminum oxide for sand blaster). If you adjust it, you can use it directly. The surface of silk screen is easy to appear unsmooth lines and uneven edges. After adjustment, it should be kept for at least half a day, and it is better to store it for 12 hours. In order to make the ink bubble easy to discharge, in the deployment of ink can add a small amount of n-butanol(low sodium white fused alumina). The screen printing equipment can be purchased at the same time.

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