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Cheapest Aluminum Oxide 1000 Grit Factory Taiwan

In order to make aluminum ammonium sulfate melt and wrap reasonably(white corundum price), the temperature system of aluminum ammonium sulfate can be established according to the above factors after understanding the pyrolysis process of aluminum sulfate and the requirements of alumina powder for corundum growth(we are used to call it overpowder), and considering the characteristics of industrial production (large output(aluminium oxide material for blasting), short cycle, low cost, etc.).

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The temperature system of FeSO4 is generally composed of heating stage, holding stage and cooling stage(white fused alumina abrasives). But in fact, there is no real warming stage in industrial production. After the dehydrated aluminum sulfate continues to enter the furnace, it will be immediately decomposed due to the temperature of the furnace is very far away(white aluminium oxide powder). When growing the product, it is easy to cause the operation chart difficult, so that the product will crack.

(cheapest aluminum oxide 1000 grit factory taiwan)As the heat supply and decomposition process of the electric heating elements are gradually completed(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit), the temperature of the furnace will rise again until the maximum temperature is required, and the heat preservation begins. According to the process requirements, the alumina powder can be discharged after a certain period of heat preservation (i.e. the heat preservation stage). At this time(brown aluminum oxide grit), the temperature of the furnace will decrease.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose a temperature which can not only make ammonium aluminum sulfate decompose safely(white aluminum oxide 80 grit), but also can not produce a-a12o3 as the melting temperature. When growing the product, the determination of these two factors should meet the needs of v-a12o3 formation(white aluminium oxide blasting media). If the temperature is too high, a-al4o will appear in the alumina powder, even a large amount of a-al40 will be generated.

When the temperature is too low(brown fused alumina), aluminum sulfate fails to decompose completely, and aluminum oxide powder contains a large amount of aluminum sulfate (we are used to call it under loaded powder). The aluminum sulfate is decomposed again, so that the air pool and non molten substances are stored in the body of the product(aluminum oxide blasting grit). The culture and firing process is developed according to the melting and firing process of alum.(cheapest aluminum oxide 1000 grit factory taiwan)

After the baking temperature is determined, the length of the heat preservation time should also consider the short production cycle(brown aluminum oxide), which not only has the output but also saves the electric energy, so as to determine the reasonable heat preservation time. Coloring and doping(white fused aluminum oxide refractory): use buret or filling tube (with a certain amount of customers) to add the prepared colorant into the qualified aluminum iron sulfate as required.

(cheapest aluminum oxide 1000 grit factory taiwan)The temperature of aluminum sulfate fed melting and firing is basically the same in each production plant(brown aluminium oxide), but the holding time is different, which is similar to the power of the flame furnace, the output of aluminum oxide powder in each furnace, the structure of the furnace and other factors(brown fused alumina micropowder). It is explained as follows: in addition to the quality assurance of alumina powder, weigh the aluminum ammonium sulfate in Taike or balance.

The aluminum sulfate used for peineng gas single product is transferred to the solution containing iron and titanium ion (therefore(brown aluminium oxide grit), the mixed solution of driving iron and ferro chlorotitanate): the aluminum ammonium sulfate used for melting red corundum single product is added to the solution containing chromium and titanium ion (the mixed solution of ammonium dichromate and ammonium fluotitanate)(brown alumina abrasive), and put it into evaporation dish.

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