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Cheapest Aluminum Oxide 24 Grit Factory Mexico

The use of polyester mesh can produce high-quality screen(brown fused alumina micropowder), is very popular. Plate making is easier than polyester mesh, increasing the strength and printing times, up to 40000-50000 printing times. In the quality mark of the silk screen, the width of the silk thread is not marked, but the opening is generally marked(brown aluminum oxide sand). The stainless steel net has good plane stability and stable graphic size, which is suitable for graphic printing with high dimensional accuracy.

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Nylon 66 has good elasticity, good elasticity and good chemical resistance(brown alumina abrasive). Water resistance and wear resistance are also strong. Nylon thread has been widely used in screen printing industry because of its uniform thickness and good oil vapor transmission performance(aluminium oxide material for blasting). Even if the printing surface of the substrate is uneven, the printed image and text can be smooth and flawless, which is beyond the reach of other screen materials.

The biggest drawback of nylon 66 is that it has too much elasticity(white fused alumina). If the printing is large in batch and requires high precision, nylon is not the best mesh material. Nylon after washing, its flexibility changes greatly, so when using nylon mesh, nylon mesh should be soaked in water before stretching(white fused aluminum oxide refractory). Polyester net is different from nylon net. It is made of monofilament polyester fiber and put on the market after special treatment.

There is almost no elastic loss phenomenon, and this kind of wire mesh will not appear depression and long-term deformation(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). In addition, the size stability of the trap is very good, and the registration accuracy is second only to the stainless steel screen plate(aluminum oxide blasting grit). This kind of screen material is not lower than nylon net material in terms of ink permeability or chemical stability. It is the most widely used screen material in graphic printing.

Screen selection should mainly avoid the following defects(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). This kind of screen material is plated with metal on the polyester screen, which has the advantages of both the polymer mesh and the stainless steel mesh, and makes up for the defects of both sides(white aluminium oxide blasting media). The disadvantage of this kind of screen material is that the pores are small, especially the ink passing through the metallized high-density case ester mesh is more difficult, and the cost of this material is high.

The amount of ink transfer is related to the space ratio of the grid(white fused alumina abrasives). The opening of the net is calculated above. The amount of ink transfer can not be completely determined only by the space ratio, but also related to the thickness of the net. Therefore, the transmission volume should be calculated(brown aluminum oxide grit). This kind of wire mesh is nickel plated on metal wire to form nickel plated platinum plate. Modern etching technology is used in plate making.

In the selection of silk screen can not too much trust the supplier's quality commitment, no matter how good the screen has quality deviation(white corundum price). The stainless steel mesh has good ink permeability, heat resistance and chemical resistance, but it has poor elasticity and can not be restored after being twisted or deformed by external force. At the same time, the cost is high, so it can only be used in a few occasions(white aluminium oxide powder). Nylon 66 is basically used in screen printing.

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