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The conformation and arrangement of the polymer chains in the product body determine the type of polymer product, reflecting the crystal microstructure(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). Under the premise of determining the strain, the macro or sub-alkali morphology of the polymer crystal may still be different due to the change of the product condition(brown aluminum oxide blast media). Spherulites are an important form of polymer crystallization. Spherulites are different from dendrites.

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Check that the vinyl products are British-shaped, and the brigade-like products are hexagonal(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit). They all show typical single-body diffraction patterns. The size of the single-piece sheet is generally up to a few microns to tens of micrometers, and the thickness is about 10nm(white aluminum oxide 120 grit). Electron jet analysis shows that the C axis of the product (the direction of molecular chain extension) is perpendicular to the plane of the product.

In addition to the die extension, the growth of single wafers often grows spirally along the center of its screw dislocation and develops into a multilayer structure(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). Single-molecule single-molecule products can only be generated when slowly crystallizing from extremely dilute solutions with a concentration of less than one thousandth(brown fused alumina grit). These branches are actually composed of many single products.

If the dendrite grows in the polymer solution, if the concentration is high (0.01% ~ 0.1%), or the molecular weight of the polymer is too large, the polymer will no longer form a single piece, but tend Generate dendrites(white aluminum oxide 220 grit). The reason for the formation of dendrites is that some special parts of the product are more dominant than others in the growth, resulting in uneven development of the product and forming branches(black silicon carbide suppliers).

When the polymer is cooled and crystallized from a concentrated solution or from the melt, a complex product structure with a spherical appearance is mostly generated(brown fused alumina). The spherulite is a polycrystalline case formed by many pieces that grow radially from the center of the sphere. The thickness of the piece is also 10nm(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh). Left and right, the electron-microscope and some special treatments can clearly see this kind of lead-like structure.

X-ray analysis shows that the molecular chains in the spherulites are always arranged along the direction of the vertical dry spherulite radius(brown aluminum oxide). The spherulites can grow very large, can reach tens of micrometers, and even reach the order of centimeters(black silicon carbide factory). Fibre crystals and applied polymers can form fibrous bodies if they are subjected to stresses such as stirring, controlled stretching or shear during the crystallization process.

They can also be seen under an optical microscope and observed with an orthogonal polarizing microscope(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). For the ball, you can see its unique cross-shaped extinction graphics and clear graphical contours(aluminium oxide 36 grit). Studies have shown that skewers are a composite of fiber products and flakes: the fiber products with a stretched chain structure are taken as the center line, and a layered product is attached to the surroundings.

Although both are polymorphic bodies composed of lamellar crystals, spherulites develop at the same rate in all directions of radius, while dendrites develop preferentially in specific directions(brown aluminium oxide); Only the lamellar structure can be seen, while in the dendrite crystals have a regular shape. It can produce different forms such as single product, spherulite, or the temperature is low, extended chain product(brown fused alumina for grinding), fiber product and branch product.

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