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Cheapest Aluminum Oxide Powder Wholesale Belarus

In the general layout and workshop and production process layout, smooth logistics, short transportation(aluminum oxide blast media), to avoid the phenomenon of back and forth transportation in the production process. By establishing the responsibility system of "clear objectives, implementation of responsibilities(green silicon carbide powder), strengthening assessment and clear rewards and punishments", the effective implementation of energy conservation work is vigorously promoted.

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DCS system is used to optimize the control process parameters, so as to save energy and raw material consumption(240 grit aluminum oxide). Install metering instruments at the water, electricity and steam inlet of each section, and refine the energy consumption index to various products, processes and workshops, strengthen energy metering management(carborundum abrasives), so as to achieve good energy-saving for enterprises The results of consumption reduction should be well organized and systematic.

(cheapest aluminum oxide powder wholesale belarus)All mechanical and electrical equipment shall adopt new energy-saving mechanical and electrical products with good energy-saving effect and national recommendation(46 grit aluminum oxide), so as to reduce reactive power consumption, improve equipment efficiency and reduce power consumption. It is required to turn off the lights when people are walking(silicon carbide grit), and the air conditioner, computer, water dispenser and other facilities must be turned off when there is no one.

Reasonable selection of power supply and distribution lines(fused alumina), selection of high-efficiency energy-saving lamps, power supply and distribution system should be equipped with harmonic, filtering and static reactive power compensation devices, improve power factor and reduce power consumption. At the same time, try to achieve compact and reasonable, and resolutely eliminate all kinds of excess energy consumption and waste(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), the steam condensate is actively recycled to fully recover heat.

In 2010, the total energy consumption of the whole province increased by 76.4% compared with that in 2001(white fused alumina). The energy consumption per unit industrial added value and industrial added value were 1.96 and 4.41 tons of standard coal, respectively higher than 0.74 and 1.82 tons of standard coal in China, and the self-sufficiency rate of primary energy in the whole province was less than 50%(100 grit aluminum oxide). Therefore, it has become an urgent task to strengthen energy conservation work in our province.(cheapest aluminum oxide powder wholesale belarus)

In the field of energy management(white aluminum oxide), set up a special energy-saving management organization, formulate a series of energy management systems from energy procurement, measurement, statistics, production and use process management and quota assessment, and conduct strict assessment in the form of economic responsibility system(aluminum oxide sandblasting media), so as to promote the effective implementation of various energy-saving work of enterprises.

(cheapest aluminum oxide powder wholesale belarus)Therefore, this report makes a sensitivity analysis on the product price(white corundum), output, cost, investment and other factors of the project, finds out the main factors affecting the economic benefits, so as to take necessary preventive measures to reduce the economic losses of the enterprise and make the project achieve the expected economic effect(120 grit aluminum oxide). For office and domestic water, use water-saving faucet and other products to save water resources.

In this bauxite project, the sensitivity analysis is made on the influence degree of financial internal rate of return(arc fused alumina), financial net present value and static investment payback period under the condition of single factor change. The calculation results show that the sales price of products is the most sensitive to the economic benefits(1200 grit aluminum oxide), while the changes of investment and operating costs have little impact on the economic benefits of the bauxite project.

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