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Cheapest Black Alumina Manufacturers In Japan

Abrasive is a kind of granular aluminum oxide abrasive material with high hardness and certain mechanical strength, which is used to manufacture abrasive tools or directly for grinding and polishing. It is widely used in grinding metal parts, alloy cutting tools, ceramics, glass, rubber, plastic and other materials. Which black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit materials can be used as abrasives?

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With the different properties and processing requirements of the workpiece to be processed, the requirements for pink corundum are also different. But generally speaking, abrasives must have the following six properties. The hardness of abrasive is higher than that of the workpiece to be grinded, which is the first condition to realize grinding. Otherwise, the debris can not be grinded from the surface of the workpiece. This property of silicon carbide price is generally called self sharpening.(cheapest black alumina manufacturers in japan)

When other conditions are the same, the harder the white fused alumina abrasive, the better the wear resistance and the better the cutting performance. At present, the widely used abrasives such as corundum, silicon carbide, boron carbide, cubic boron nitride and diamond are all hard materials with a Mohs hardness of more than 9. Among them, diamond is the hardest. In many cases, its wear resistance and grinding efficiency are much higher than other ordinary aluminum oxide grit abrasives.

(cheapest black alumina manufacturers in japan)Different sizes of white aluminum oxide abrasive particles can be obtained by machining, and have the characteristics of particle size and uniform shape. Different from machining, grinding exploits the surface particles of workpiece by using numerous small cutting edges composed of many particles on the surface of abrasive tools. Therefore, in order to obtain the green carborundum necessary machining accuracy and efficiency, the abrasive must be processed into particles with a certain size and uniform shape.

Some white corundum materials, such as cemented carbide, although very hard, but because the toughness is too high, it is difficult to be processed into particles, so it is not suitable for manufacturing Abrasives. It has appropriate crushing resistance and moderate self sharpening when the abrasive cutting edge is blunt. For aluminium oxide sandblasting grinding process, the toughness of abrasive particles, that is, the ability to resist fragmentation, is also an important index. If the toughness is too low, the grinding efficiency will be reduced.(cheapest black alumina manufacturers in japan)

In order to work in the process of self sharpening, that is, under a certain pressure to crack, brown fused alumina price exposing a new sharp blade for grinding. High temperature resistance, in grinding high temperature, still maintain its inherent hardness and strength. When the grinding tool works, a lot of heat often occurs, and the local temperature can reach very high. The temperature rise of heavy load grinding and silicon carbide companies high-speed grinding is larger, up to 1500 ℃.

(cheapest black alumina manufacturers in japan)Therefore, although the white alumina hardness of diamond is the highest, it will be carbonized and turned into graphite when the temperature is over 800 ℃, and the hardness and strength will drop sharply, which limits its application to a certain extent. The hardness of boron carbide is higher than that of corundum and silicon carbide, but it is easy to oxidize when the temperature is increased: B4C + 4o2 → 2b2o3 + CO2, so it is not suitable for making consolidated black alumina abrasive tools.

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