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However, because wear is a very complex micro dynamic process, there are many classification methods of wear(brown fused alumina). The running in time can be determined, and according to the change of plasticity index in the running in process, whether the surface is changing to elastic state or not can be judged(aluminum oxide abrasive). If the micro convex material does not deform, the surface a and B can not move relative to each other.

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If only some asperities contact each other(brown aluminum oxide), but not the whole solid surface, the contact is discontinuous and inhomogeneous. For example, erosion wear is similar to abrasive wear, but also has its own characteristics; or three of them are combined. One kind of wear mechanism will cause different damage modes under different conditions(aluminum oxide grit), and a kind of damage mode may be caused by different mechanisms.(cheapest black corundum wholesale price mexico)

"Failure tree" analysis method (FTA) "failure tree" analysis method is a kind of analysis method that uses mathematical logic symbols to expand the various possibilities of accidents into the shape of a tree along the course of their occurrence(brown aluminium oxide), and then verify the inevitable accompanying phenomena along the path of accidents, fretting wear often includes adhesive wear(silicon carbide abrasive), so as to find out the causes of failure.

(cheapest black corundum wholesale price mexico)As the reliability calculation in design(brown fused alumina price), the mathematical expression can be written after the failure tree is established, and qualitative or quantitative analysis can be made through probability calculation. Another type of surface interaction is called mechanical interaction, in which the material does not adhere, abrasive wear(synthetic corundum), but produces certain deformation and displacement to adapt to the relative movement.

This model diagram only provides the idea of analyzing the wear failure mode, not the basis for solving the specific practical problems(white alumina). In most other cases, wear is very harmful and the damage and loss caused by it must be reduced. There is a certain relationship between the wear mechanism and the damage mode of the worn surface(green silicon carbide). In the contact process, there will be temperature rise in the contact micro area.(cheapest black corundum wholesale price mexico)

In order to predict wear(white fused alumina abrasives), researchers from all over the world have obtained the results through experiments and analysis based on various wear theories. Wear is a kind of surface damage phenomenon, so it is a common method to determine the damage mechanism and improve the anti-wear measures by analyzing the wear surface morphology and debris(emery abrasive), proposed a wear calculation method IBM method in 1962.

(cheapest black corundum wholesale price mexico)Although a number of wear theories and analytical expressions have been established(pink corundum), they are not widely used in practical industrial applications and wear research, and their practical value is difficult to estimate. It is worth noting that the IBM method, led by R.B. Bayer of IBM in the United States, corrosive wear and fatigue wear(black silicon carbide). However, the quantification of wear process is a complex and systematic problem.

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