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Cheapest Brown Alumina Abrasive Suppliers Canada

The varieties of refractory fiber materials mainly include ordinary aluminum silicate fibers with a temperature of about 1000 ℃(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit), high-purity aluminum silicate with a temperature of 1100 ~ 1300C, chromium-containing aluminum silicate and high aluminum fibers, and a monthly temperature of 1300 ~ 1600 mullite fiber and alumina fiber etc(aluminium oxide grit 24 mesh). Its advantages are low power consumption, long continuous working time, stable stream and low noise.

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Recently, a new type of high-aluminum fiber with an A1 content of 55% has been developed, which has a higher yield and better performance(white alumina); developed into an alumina fiber with a main phase of O-A12O3, and Japan has developed a main phase with The temperature of a-Al2O3 alumina fiber is 1600(black silicon carbide suppliers). The melting method equipment generally adopts the continuous melting and resistance furnace to replace the electric arc furnace.

The refractory fiber produced by the spinning method is about 50% longer than the injection method(black aluminum oxide), and the average length is 200 mm, and the longest can reach 300 ~ 400 mm, which is beneficial to the manufacture of refractory fiber products. It is estimated that by the mid-1980s(brown aluminum oxide blast media), the world's refractory fiber material output will exceed 100,000 tons per year, which can replace the traditional refractory materials of S00 million tons.

The secondary processed products of refractory fiber mainly include felt, blanket, board, brick, rope and paper(pink aluminum oxide). The first three products are widely used. In production, dry needle punched felt is generally used instead of wet felt. The temperature of refractory fiberboard or refractory fiber brick is 1300 ~ 1600 ℃(brown fused alumina grit). After cooling, it is a refractory fiber product; The outer surface of the drum is spun into fiber filaments by means of centrifugal force.

The main development direction of their production process is: their advantages are continuous production, high output, and water saving(brown fused alumina). And energy (wet felt needs to be dried), and the strength of the finished product is large, and the ability to resist gas erosion is strong(brown fused alumina for grinding). The board is characterized by small shrinkage of reburning wire, high strength and strong gas erosion resistance, which is more economical and practical, and the largest is 1220 × 920 mm.

To use the wet vacuum forming process, that is, place it in water containing a small amount of inorganic binder (such as silica sol, etc.), and vacuum vacuum filter and dry it(brown aluminum oxide). The construction methods of refractory fiber products can be divided into layer method, stack method, nickel embedding method and veneer method(white aluminum oxide 120 grit). After the material is melted, it flows out of the furnace in the form of fine streams, and is blown with compressed air or superheated steam.

Blended refractory fiberboard is a newly developed variety with a thickness of ~ 76 mm per day(brown aluminium oxide), use alumina fiber or aluminum silicate fiber in proportion, standard dimensions of length and width of 460 x 150 mm. Because when blending, high-quality refractory fibers can be placed in the working layer, and the non-working layer uses ordinary refractory fibers(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer), that is, made of composite fiberboard, the price is lower, and the performance is better.

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