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Cheapest Brown Aluminum Oxide Grit Saudi Arabia

Under certain external conditions(arc fused alumina), the mechanical state and its transformation of the polymer can reach a new equilibrium state corresponding to the external conditions through the thermal movement of the molecule. Since the friction force of the moving unit is generally large when the polymer moves, this process is usually completed slowly(240 grit aluminum oxide), so this process is also called relaxation process. The sample shows the behavior of Hooke elastomer.

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Therefore, the stress at the breaking point C is called the breaking force, and the corresponding strain is called the elongation at break(silicon carbide companies). Under a small stress, the high elastic deformation can be developed, and the curve will no longer show a yield point, but a longer platform. That is to say, when the stress is not significantly increased, the strain will develop greatly(46 grit aluminum oxide). In this case, the curve will rise sharply until the specimen breaks.

When the glass capsule is stretched, the initial stage of the curve is a straight line, and the stress becomes proportional to the stress(green carborundum). It has been analyzed that the strength of polymer lies in the chemical bond force and intermolecular force of main chain, so increasing the polarity of polymer or generating hydrogen bond can improve the strength(aluminum oxide abrasive media). Temperature has two effects on the thermal movement of polymer, while the impact strength continues to increase.

From the slope of this straight line, the young's modulus of the sample can be calculated(wilson abrasive). There is usually an amorphous part in the crystal complex, and its molecular motion is affected by the product. Stop stretching in this range, remove the external force, and the sample will immediately return to its original state completely(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). In addition, the orientation can prevent the crack from developing to the depth.

The strain corresponding to this linear area is only a few percent(brown aluminum oxide). From the microscopic point of view, this elastic behavior of high modulus and small deformation is caused by the change of bond length and bond angle of polymer. Under different temperature conditions, although the structure of the polymer has not changed(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit), the macroscopic physical properties of the polymer are quite different due to the different molecular motion.

The load area of the fine neck and the non - fine neck remained the same, while the fine part continued to expand, and the non - fine neck part gradually shortened(white aluminium oxide), until the whole specimen became thinner. In the process of uniaxial stretching, the arrangement of molecules changes greatly, especially when they are close to or beyond the yield point(100 grit aluminum oxide media), the molecules begin to orientation in the direction parallel to the stretching direction.

However, when the molecular weight exceeds a certain value, the change of tensile strength is not significant(silicon carbide price). One of the purposes of making the divorced molecular weight ticket (m-5 × 10 ° ~ 4 × 10) is to improve its impact performance. Its impact strength is 3 times higher than that of ordinary LDPE, and even 18 times higher at 40 ℃(fused alumina). When the temperature rises above T, the specimen will enter a high elastic state.

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