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The chemical loss is mainly affected by the content of active silica in the ore(silicon carbide grit). the controllable links in the production process are mainly supervised and regulated from the following three aspects: attached loss, finished product loss and other losses. The control room should supervise and deal with the teams and individuals who are not adjusted in time(aluminum oxide sandblasting). To prevent the pulp from being too coarse and not enough reaction in the dissolution reaction process.

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In the dissolution process of bauxite(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), in addition to SiO2 bringing part of sodium oxide into red mud, other impurities will also interact with sodium aluminate solution to form the following insoluble substances into red mud, which will cause the loss of sodium oxide. The pulp fineness should be controlled to ensure that the No. 120 sieve is more than 45% and the No. 20 sieve is less than 3%(carborundum grit suppliers). The corresponding workshop must obtain the approval of the control room before adjusting the backwater.

(cheapest brown corundum abrasive factory uk)To ensure the favorable combination of silicon and aluminum in the ore (especially the soluble silicon content in the ore), according to the quality inspection team report(green carborundum), when the dissolution rate reaches the index and the causticity ratio is high, it means that the amount of alkali is too much, which leads to the high dissolution AK(silicon carbide 180 grit), affecting the decomposition rate, and finally increasing the alkali consumption due to the low production capacity.

Each shift should grasp the fluctuation of the settling tank in time and deal with it as soon as possible to prevent the tank from deteriorating(arc fused alumina). It is forbidden to adjust the underflow flow in the settlement workshop without permission. If the workshop needs to adjust, it must report to the dispatching room in time and explain the reasons and the range of adjustment(carborundum grit). If the control room does not agree, selfish adjustment will be seriously dealt with.

When the last fluctuation of total alkali occurred in the workshop, the workshop should timely report to the dispatching room and jointly check the causes and adjustment measures(brown fused alumina). The on duty dispatcher should supervise in time(green silicon carbide powder). Reasonable and timely adjustment of the washing water flow in the baking workshop should ensure that the washing alkali of the flat plate ah can be as little as possible into the baking furnace system.(cheapest brown corundum abrasive factory uk)

For the process that needs to be adjusted, the dispatcher's consent should be obtained before adjustment, otherwise the relevant personnel will be seriously dealt with(brown aluminum oxide). The post personnel of the settlement workshop shall timely inspect and report the change of the bottom liquid-solid ratio of each sedimentation tank, and report level by level according to the situation(silicon carbide abrasive grit). The workshop is forbidden to change the normal production process of settling tank without authorization.

The running, emitting, dripping and leaking of each vehicle should be strictly checked(brown aluminium oxide). In case of alkali leakage accident, the personnel should be organized to timely recycle and give corresponding treatment to the responsible unit according to the actual situation(black silicon carbide powder). For the raw material workshop pulp fineness strict management, for the abnormal point sample workshop should give the control room reasonable reason analysis and adjustment measures.

(cheapest brown corundum abrasive factory uk)The digestion workshop should strictly control the pipelining temperature and temperature change range at all levels(white aluminium oxide), and timely release the pressure when the pressure of the heat preservation tank is high, so as to ensure the full tank rate and reduce the content of sodium oxide in the dissolved red mud(carborundum abrasives). The workshop should rectify the running, emitting, dripping and leakage caused by equipment problems within the specified time.

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