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Cheapest Brown Fused Alumina For Sale Netherlands

If the bonding ability is very poor, and the combination with abrasives is very loose, even if other properties are very good, there is little use value(brown fused alumina micropowder). Under the same conditions, when the resin bonding ability is strong, the abrasive grains are bonded firmly(white aluminum oxide crystals), which can better resist the effect of external forces (centrifugal force, grinding pressure, impact force), and improve the safety and grinding effect of abrasive tools.

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But it is believed that in the near future, the so-called pre control method is the ratio calculated directly from the percentage of various components in the abrasive tool according to the pre determined tissue number before formulation(white aluminium oxide). The finished product determination method is based on the chemical analysis of the abrasive tool to determine the ratio of each component in the abrasive tool(white aluminium oxide grit). Compared with inorganic materials, the heat resistance of resin is very poor, and it can not withstand high temperature.

For example, the high density grinding wheel used for heavy load grinding has a high abrasive rate, while the loose structure grinding wheel used for double end grinding has a low abrasive rate(brown aluminium oxide). Because of the different density degree of the abrasive grains in the unit volume of the two kinds of grinding tools, their grinding objects and effects are different(aluminium oxide material for blasting). The working temperature is mostly below 200 ℃, which is the main disadvantage of resin.

According to the grinding requirements, different proportion of binding dose, filler and different molding density can be selected to make different structure grinding tools(aluminum oxide blasting grit). Therefore, according to the basic requirements of the selection of binder, the use requirements of resin abrasive tools and the technological requirements of the manufacturing process(white aluminum oxide rubbing compound), the basic requirements for the resin used as the binder are: good bonding ability to the abrasive.

Except for PVA abrasives, resin abrasives are all rigid bodies, so most of them are thermosetting resins(brown fused alumina). The grinding of precision roller is mostly completed by adding graphite filler or special resin binder. In thermoplastic resin, polyacetylene alcohol condensation] butyraldehyde has better adhesive ability. It has excellent heat resistance(white aluminium oxide powder). This method can only be realized when the abrasives are damaged, which is difficult to achieve in many cases.

The heat resistance index of the resin is mainly the strength of heat softening and the temperature of heat decomposition(white aluminium oxide blasting media). To judge whether a resin has a good bonding ability, on the one hand, it is necessary to understand its molecular structure and see whether there is a polar group that is conducive to improving the intermolecular force(brown aluminum oxide sand), but more importantly, it is necessary to determine the tensile strength of the product through tests.

Whether the resin has good adhesion to abrasive has a direct impact on the strength of abrasive tools(brown aluminum oxide). Generally speaking, if the tensile strength value is large, it can be considered that it has a good bonding ability for abrasives. For example, epoxy resin is an example(brown aluminum oxide grit). The higher the thermal softening temperature and thermal decomposition temperature, the higher the working temperature of the resin, and the wider its application range.

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