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Cheapest Brown Fused Alumina Powder Factory Taiwan

The rated rectifier voltage is 230 V, the rated rectifier current is 750 a, and the output power is 172.5 kW(brown fused alumina). The rectifier circuit is a three-phase bridge rectifier, and the rectifier transformer is connected with the circuit through air circuit breaker. The equipment has high efficiency(synthetic corundum), no noise during operation, and output current receives network voltage It has the advantages of small passive influence and convenient adjustment, and the electrolysis strength is reduced.

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The air circuit breaker can trip automatically when the air circuit breaker loses the voltage, so that the circuit is open(brown aluminum oxide). Shunt and ammeter together to trace the size of electricity, indication range from 0 to 600 a. Voltmeter indicates voltage, fan n is ~ 250 v. The maximum phase shifting range of Linchong can reach 220, the steepness of the front edge of the output line is better, and the pulse width is sufficient(green silicon carbide). Three 3ct800a 500V thyristors are used for three controllable bridge arms.

(cheapest brown fused alumina powder factory taiwan)In this equipment, the silicon rectifier tube is 2cz-200a / 300V(brown aluminium oxide). In normal operation, each silicon tube is called a fast fuse protection. During operation, the control power supply is connected to the building first, then the fan power supply is connected, and the main power supply is connected, and the rectification equipment is put into operation(emery abrasive). The thyristor trigger circuit adopts the staggered tooth wave orthogonal phase-shifting product body tube trigger circuit.

Observe that the voltage and electric fault are within the allowable range, and the fan can only be shut down after the new main circuit is shut down(white alumina). In recent years, due to the development of silicon controlled rectifier technology, silicon controlled rectifier equipment has been used to "replace the motor - generator set and voltage regulator with silicon travel equipment(brown fused alumina 60 grit). When overload occurs, the fuse will burn out, which will cause the intermediate relay to act and alarm.

The main circuit of silicon controlled rectifier equipment adopts three-phase bridge semi controlled rectifier circuit, and the power supply voltage is reduced to 186 V through rectifier transformer(black aluminum oxide). The three uncontrolled bridges use three 2cz50a450v silicon diodes, and six bridge arms are connected in series with rso480a fast fuse for short-circuit protection(black silicon carbide). The value of voltage drop in electrolyte is determined by current density and electrolyte resistance.(cheapest brown fused alumina powder factory taiwan)

The characteristics of the line are that the slope of the aluminum tooth wave is not affected by the fluctuation of the network current and voltage(pink aluminum oxide), and the symmetry of the phase-shifting characteristics can be easily adjusted. Both thyristor and rectifier tube are cooled with water, and the pressure of cooling water shall not be less than 1kg / cm and not higher than 3kg / m(aluminum oxide abrasive). The function of gas separation tower is to separate electrolyte from gas.

(cheapest brown fused alumina powder factory taiwan)In operation, silicon has been heated, so forced cooling by fan is used(silicon carbide abrasive). In this equipment, the electrolyte is separated from the gas in the separation tower, and the specific energy of the electrolyte is. Polarization is related to a series of factors, first with current density. When the current density is reduced, otherwise the derivative device will be damaged, the polarization is also reduced(aluminum oxide grit). Therefore, the most suitable current density should be selected.

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