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Cheapest Carborundum Grit Suppliers China

AlF3 forms a coexisting state of solid and gas phase near the sintering temperature(brown fused aluminum oxide), and AlF3 molecules adsorbed on the transition phase y-Al2O3 particles react with it on the surface to form a gaseous intermediate compound, which is then adsorbed on the surface of a-Al2O3, decomposed and released AlF3 molecules(silicon carbide companies). However, there have been no reports of ceramic corundum abrasives with grain size below 100nm.

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Aluminum fluoride reacts with water vapor to form AlOF mesophase compound(white aluminium oxide), the expression is: 2AlF3 (g) + 3H2O (g) → AlOF intermediate compound → a-A12O3 (s) + 6HF (g) The following reaction occurs on the surface of y-Al203: Y-Al2O3 (s) + 6HF (g) -AIF3 (g) + 3H2O (g) From the above process, more stable grinding performance(arc fused alumina), it can be seen that fluoride acts like a catalyst and promotes transitional alumina Phase transformation to a-type alumina.

Ceramic corundum abrasive based on sol-gel technology is the latest product of alumina-based abrasives(brown fused alumina). Because the above reaction is carried out on a solid surface, it should be ensured that the raw materials are fine and mixed uniformly, so that the crystal tends to grow uniformly(green carborundum). The reaction process is: Y-Al2O3 (s) + AlF3 (g) [intermediate compound] (g) → a-Al2O3 (s) + AlF3 (g) the specific composition of the gaseous intermediate compound is difficult to determine.

Wu et al. Of Shanghai Institute of Silicon Research found that ZnF2 can not only reduce the phase transition temperature, but also adjust the grain morphology of alumina(black aluminum oxide). Because Zn * can form a solid solution with Al2O3, the addition of a small amount of Zn * in the solid solution affects the ion migration rate, causing a difference in interface energy and accelerating the anisotropic growth of grains, and the particle size distribution is narrow(glass beads supplier).

Due to the advanced nature of its technology, its primary crystal is within 1um(brown aluminum oxide). Represented by Norton and 3M, the ceramic abrasives prepared by the sol-gel method have fine grains (grain size 0.2 ~ 5um), and are widely used because of their superior mechanical properties and grinding performance(fused alumina). Therefore, the performance of nanocrystalline ceramic corundum abrasives synthesized in the future will be better than that of SG abrasives.

The grain size is closely related to the grinding performance, compressive strength, impact toughness and hardness of the abrasive(pink aluminum oxide). Ceramic corundum abrasives with micron-level or even nano-level microstructure have smaller particle size, good self-sharpness, good wear resistance of the grinding wheel, and are more suitable for high-end grinding such as precision grinding and polishing field(aluminum oxide blast media), so it shows many characteristics different from traditional abrasives.

Japanese grinding experts made the following predictions about the future development trend of grinding wheels and abrasives(brown aluminium oxide): they believe that ordinary alumina abrasives will gradually disappear in the future, two-thirds of the abrasives on the market will be replaced by CBN abrasives, and the other one-third will be Microcrystalline ceramic corundum abrasives replaced(black oxide aluminum). From this prediction, the importance of microcrystalline ceramic corundum abrasives can be seen.

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