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Cheapest Carborundum Powder Suppliers Switzerland

The thermal conductivity = 123.5w / (m · K) (at 100 ℃), decreased with the rise of temperature(brown fused alumina). The elastic modulus is 1.96mpa. The chemical property is stable, and there is no reaction or weak reaction with all kinds of refractories except silica brick at 1500 ℃. The grain size of periclase increases with the increase of calcination temperature and holding time, and the slag resistance is also improved(green silicon carbide). Light burned dolomite is also called caustic dolomite.

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The density of light burned dolomite is very low(brown aluminum oxide), only about 1.45g/cm, the mechanical strength is very small, the porosity and chemical activity are high, it is easy to absorb water and deliquesce to form Ca (OH) 2 and Mg (OH) 2 to make particles powder, so it can not be directly used as the raw material of brick making, it can be used as the basic reaction agent for the production of magnesium hydroxide from sea water(black silicon carbide); part of lime is replaced as the slag making agent in steel making.

Sintered dolomite is also called dead burnt dolomite, hard burnt dolomite and dolomite clinker(brown aluminium oxide). It is the product of calcining dolomite at 1700 ~ 1800 ℃. It is obtained from the calcination of dolomite raw materials at about 1000 ℃, which is the first stage product when dolomite is calcined by two-step calcination method(aluminum oxide abrasive). In addition to periclase and calcite, there are also tricalcium silicate (CS), dicalcium ferrite (CF) and tetracalcium ferrate (CAF).

There are two ways to obtain this product: one is to directly calcine the natural ore, i.e. one-step calcination method(brown fused alumina price); the other is to crush and high-pressure pelletize the light burned dolomite, and then calcine it at high temperature, i.e. two-step calcination method. After calcined at 1700 ~ 1800C, dolomite maximizes the crystal size of lime and periclase, with stable volume, water resistance(aluminum oxide grit), no or less free CaO, and general volume density of 3.0 ~ 3.4g/cm.

The chemical composition of Cao is about 25% ~ 60%, MgO is about 30% ~ 60% (or more than 65%), CaO + MgO is about 90% ~ 97%(white alumina). The low melting products are tetra calcium iron pot, dicalcium iron and tricalcium aluminum, the total amount is about 5% - 15%, and the high quality ones are less than 5%. The lower the total amount of impurities (SiO2 + A12O3 + feo2), the better, generally less than 4%, the better is less than 2%.

The sintered dolomite can be made into metallurgical dolomite sand(black corundum), which can be used to repair open hearth furnace and electric furnace Village, and as the main raw material of tar asphalt dolomite brick and dolomite carbon brick. Magnesia dolomite sand is a kind of refractory material with high calcium and magnesia(synthetic corundum); More compact sintered dolomite can be made by crushing and high pressure pelletizing and then calcining at high temperature.

The main crystalline phases are periclase and calcite, which are dark brown with a density of 3.3g/cm(pink corundum). When the impurity minerals are few and the purity is high, the direct combination of MgO and MgO can be formed, and CAF and caf are filled in the angle between the grains of MgO and Cao in the form of star point, so the high temperature performance of the products is improved(emery abrasive). Magnesia dolomite sand contains about 75% MgO and 8% ~ 25% Cao.

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