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Cheapest Chrome Corundum Suppliers In Netherlands

The so-called furnace charging is to fill the furnace with reaction materials, heat insulation materials and brown aluminium oxide furnace core materials according to the specified type, location and size of the charging materials. There are several charging methods in China, such as the silo charging method, the 100 grit aluminum oxide white furnace charging method, the crane hopper charging method, and the manual charging method.

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In order to ensure that the brown fused alumina price position and size of each part meet the requirements, a "mold" called a partition box is used. The partition box is like a set of rectangular boxes with no bottom and no cover. When the bottom or bottom of the furnace is filled, the They are installed in the furnace one by one, with the furnace centerline as the symmetry, and 5 (or 7) spaces are formed on the plane of the furnace. Therefore, different black silicon carbide charging materials or cores are installed in different spaces.

(cheapest chrome corundum suppliers in netherlands)The brown fused alumina reaction material, insulation material and furnace core are clearly separated. The charging method of the silo of the movable furnace is to set a number of fixed silos above the furnace, and the furnace car can be moved slowly. At the same time, the furnace door is opened to put the various materials into the furnace. The arc fused alumina furnace loading machine is set above the furnace. When the furnace is loaded, the furnace car does not move.

The whole furnace loading machine can be moved horizontally, and a belt conveyor is vertically moved. This allows the white alumina charging material to be loaded into any specified position in the furnace. The crane hopper charging method is to load the charging material into a hopper with a shutter at the bottom, and then transport it to the furnace by crane, open the shutter at the bottom of the bucket, and evenly load the green silicon carbide material at a specified position in the furnace.(cheapest chrome corundum suppliers in netherlands)

All operations of the manual charging method are Manually completed, mainly used in brown aluminum oxide small furnaces. In addition, medium-sized furnaces are also charged with mobile bucket elevators. This charging method. A movable bucket elevator is set on the side of the furnace, and the materials are pushed by trolleys Go to the elevator and manually feed the fused alumina material to the furnace. Sulfur and alumina in pyrite are effective ingredients.(cheapest chrome corundum suppliers in netherlands)

Iron can reduce the amount of iron filings, but increase black corundum power consumption during reduction. SiO2 and CaO are harmful components, which increase the amount of carbon added and power consumption, and finally generate silicon sulfide for sublimation or ferrosilicon alloy precipitation. CaO consumes S to produce calcium sulfide (CaS). However, calcium sulfide can be removed by water, CaS + H2O → Ca (OH) 2 + H2S ↑, so the calcium oxide content in alumina is not as strict as silicon carbide abrasive.

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