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Cheapest Corundum White Manufacturers Argentina

The manufacturing process combining the above raw materials is as follows: take 35% of white fused alumina with a particle size of 1-3mm, 1.5% of brown corundum with a particle size of ≤1.2mm, 22% of silicon carbide with a particle size of ≤0.088, and aluminum oxide with a particle size of 1-5mm 10%, 18% aluminum oxide with a particle size of 0.088mm, and a saturated aluminum phosphate aqueous solution with a solid content of 7% is added and stirred uniformly.

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After high pressure forming by a press, it is then sintered in a tunnel kiln at a temperature of 650-700 ° C for 48 hours. The shortcomings in the white aluminum oxide production process of metallurgical building wear-resistant bricks in the prior art are complicated technology, high energy consumption, high production cost, etc. To achieve the above process objectives, the raw materials required are brown corundum, green silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, and saturated aluminum phosphate solution.(cheapest corundum white manufacturers argentina)

Not resistant to rapid heat and rapid changes, etc., in order to solve the above problems, a simple white corundum process, good thermal conductivity, high load softening point, rapid cold and heat resistance, low temperature sintering, high mechanical strength, chemical resistance and high wear resistance. The products produced by this product process can be used in the construction of various furnaces to make their life and performance better than similar white fused aluminium oxide products, and have good promotion and use value.

(cheapest corundum white manufacturers argentina)The weight percentage of the raw materials is 33% ~ 37% of brown fused alumina price with a particle size of 1 ~ 3mm, and the particle size is ≤1.2 Brown corundum 12 ~ 17%, grain size ≤0.088 20 ~ 20% silicon carbide, grain size 1 ~ 5mm aluminum oxide 7 ~ 11%, grain size 0.088mm aluminum oxide 16 ~ 20%, saturated phosphoric acid The amount of black silicon carbide aqueous solution is 6 to 8% of the solid amount, and the sintering temperature is 650 to 700 ° C.

The black corundum shortcomings in use are poor high temperature resistance, poor mechanical impact resistance, and poor wear resistance. The content of aluminum oxide in the raw materials used for is 85%. According to the above data, it can be seen that compared with the prior art, the silicon carbide and brown corundum wear-resistant brick products produced by this pink fused alumina process have good high temperature resistance, good thermal shock stability, and resistance to rapid cold and rapid heat. 

(cheapest corundum white manufacturers argentina)Layered spalling occurs; resistance to chemical corrosion, higher erosion thickness, shallower pink corundum bricks, higher performance than similar products; good pressure and abrasion resistance, resistance to high-pressure erosion in high temperature environments and not easy to wear. Manufacturing process of silicon carbide combined aluminium oxide grit suppliers wear-resistant brick. 

According to the production method, silicon carbide abrasive can be divided into two types: fixed furnace brown corundum and dump furnace brown corundum. These two products have certain differences in product quality and price because of different production methods. Nowadays, customers have high requirements for their own fused aluminium oxide product quality. This makes customers more inclined to choose brown corundum.(cheapest corundum white manufacturers argentina)

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