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Cheapest Low Soda Alumina Manufacturers Russia

Therefore, when dynamically synthesizing diamonds, there are usually both hexagonal and cubic diamonds(white fused alumina for refractory), and they often exist in the same crystal in the form of symbiotic crystals. Therefore, when diamond detonation synthetic micropowder products are produced industrially in various countries in the world, metal powders in different proportions are mixed in the samples(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit). In addition, powder metallurgy sintering method can also be used.

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If there is a relatively large amount of metal (such as copper, iron, aluminum, etc.) in the sample of dynamic synthesis diamond as a coolant(aluminum oxide 40 grit), then during detonation synthesis, due to the relatively low RH temperature rise of these metals, they have been nucleated but still in After the pressure of the high-temperature diamond is released(white aluminium oxide super fine), it will be rapidly cooled to a lower temperature by the surrounding metals to avoid possible diamond to graphite inversion.

Obviously, keep the temperature at 500℃±10℃ for 2h(aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive). During the heat preservation process, take out the crucible every half hour and stir to make the reaction even. After holding for a certain period of time, take out the crucibles, pour the material into the container, add an appropriate amount of hydrochloric acid to neutralize, after standing for 20~30min(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit), add water to wash and settle, and change the water every certain time until the water is clear.

Generally, the ratio of raw material industrial pure perchloric acid to diamond mixture is 1:10(brown fused alumina). Because their relative densities are relatively close, aluminum-based composite materials with evenly distributed graphite can be obtained. Most of these products only have a single cubic diamond, and there are no reports of hexagonal diamonds(low sodium white fused alumina). Therefore, it is widely used as a coolant in diamond synthesis by explosive method. This phase change consumes less energy.

When graphite is subjected to dynamic pressure, R-H temperature rise will occur, and this temperature will rise sharply with the increase of detonation pressure(brown aluminum oxide). Iron, spheroidal graphite cast iron and calcinable cast iron all contain about 3% (mass) graphite, which can be directly used as the raw material for dynamic synthetic diamond(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). In general, by adding graphite powder with good proportion to the molten aluminum solution, stirring and pouring, dense synthetic samples can be obtained.

There is a strict orientation relationship between graphite and diamond before and after phase transformation(brown aluminium oxide). If amorphous amorphous carbon or other forms of carbon (such as Co) are used as the carbon source for the dynamic synthesis of diamond, diamond products can also be obtained. Therefore, this is a solid-state diffusion phase change(white aluminum oxide grit). The energy required for this phase change is higher than the non-diffusion solid phase change, and has a higher R-H temperature rise during the phase change.

Usually uses explosive explosives, collisions of high-speed moving objects and strong discharges to have high resistance to impact, and relatively speaking, its price is low(arc fused alumina). Generally, there is no strict requirement for the size of graphite particles, but from the perspective of the cooling effect of synthetic products(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh), the selection of particles smaller than 100 mesh (150um) or smaller than 200 mesh (66um) can better mix with iron powder.

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