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Cheapest Silicon Carbide Grit Suppliers South Korea

The application of magnesia-carbon bricks and fused magnesia combined with bricks in oxygen converters has created a new situation and generally improved the furnace age(brown fused alumina price); in addition, there are abundant dolomite resources in Western Europe, so converters generally use heart marble bricks as lining. The furnace is composed of reaction tower(glass beads supplier), has been very successful, separation tank and smoke exhaust tower.

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It should be noted that the United States and the Soviet Union generally use magnesia bricks and cristobalite bricks to build converter linings(white alumina). Japan's oxygen converter has a single furnace age of more than 10,000 times, and the consumption of refractories is below 0.7 kg / ton of steel(brown aluminium oxide grit). Its main functions are more effective degassing, decarburization, desulfurization and impurity removal, alloying and chemical composition adjustment.

The average age of the furnace in the United States is about 1,000 times(brown fused alumina), and the unit consumption of refractory is about 2.5 kg / ton of steel; the average age of the converter in the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and West Germany is 400 to 700 times(silicon carbide companies). The unit consumption of refractories is about 10.0 kg / ton of steel, and that of the UK and Liangde is 3 ~ 5 kg / ton, and there was a trend of continuous development.

Now, like other countries(black aluminum oxide), Japan has formulated the best furnace age plan from the perspective of comprehensive technical and economic benefits in order to achieve the goals of high production and low consumption. Due to the development of the power industry, the steelmaking of electric furnaces has been promoted(arc fused alumina). By 1980, the output of electric furnace steel in the world accounted for 22% of the total steel output.

Electric furnace can be divided into Puyao true furnace and ultra-high power electric furnace, etc(brown aluminum oxide). The furnace wall of the electric furnace is mainly made of magnesium bricks and magnesia chrome bricks. The life expectancy is between 200 and 400 times(white aluminum oxide 80 grit). Therefore, in the steel-making electric furnace in the 1980s, temperature control, magnesia-carbon bricks and water-cooling technology should be widely used.

In the past, it was mainly used to treat alloy steel and special steel, and now it is also ordinary steel(pink aluminum oxide). A few days ago, the electric furnace cover is generally made of high wrong bricks and lock chrome bricks and other materials to make a hanging top. The electrode holes are made of aluminum refractory ramming material or fire casting material(fused alumina). Between, the unit consumption of refractories is about 3.5 kg / ton steel.

The unit consumption of refractory materials is 3.5 to 6.0 kg / ton of steel(brown aluminium oxide). Burned or magnesia brick is used as permanent layer, and then it is rammed with locking sand or dolomite sand to form a working layer with a service life of half a year to one year(20 mesh aluminium oxide grit). In addition, in the past, refractory projection materials were used to build the inner lining of the steel drum, but it was not dense enough and was rarely promoted.

The use of money carbon bricks on ultra-high power electric furnace walls, especially hot spots, and its lifespan has been increased exponentially(green carborundum). In addition, the electric furnace adopts water-cooled wall hanging flooding operation, and the magnesia carbon brick is used for the flooding line(black oxide aluminum). Its service life can reach 2000 ~ 3000 times, and the unit consumption of refractory materials is reduced to below 2.0 kg / ton.

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