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Cheapest White Aluminium Oxide Manufacturers Canada

Details and detail size inspection(pink corundum): Before using the original packaging of the photographic film, you can open the package and place it in a plate-making environment with closed light for more than 24 hours, so that the non-stranded film is fully in contact with the ambient temperature and humidity to reduce the exposure of the film. This should be taken into account when designing the film(arc fused alumina). After the size change.

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For the production of photo-text photographic film used in etching(black corundum), attention should be paid to the dimensional changes after etching, especially for those with high precision requirements. If the film needs to be copied during the production of the film, the size of the original film should be strictly checked, and the film can be turned after it is confirmed to be qualified(fused alumina). The increased amount of side erosion is added.(cheapest white aluminium oxide manufacturers canada)

When etching the floor space, the diameter of the circular hole should not be less than 125% of the material thickness(brown fused alumina price); the side length of the square hole and the smallest diagonal of the prism should not be less than 150% of the material stepping. In general, copper and alloys have the smallest amount of side corrosion(silicon carbide companies), followed by steel and nickel alloys, and aluminum alloys have the largest amount of side corrosion.

In order to ensure the accuracy of graphic etching, when designing graphic files(green carborundum), the amount of side etching of graphic and text should be considered, which is the chemical etching accuracy in professional terms. From the perspective of the base material, the reproduction of a negative can only be copied from a qualified original negative(black oxide aluminum), and the intermediate used negative can not be used as a master for reproduction.

(cheapest white aluminium oxide manufacturers canada)It is usually developed in ammonia vapor at 50℃~60℃, no fixing is needed, and there is no problem of image formation(white fused alumina). There is a problem to pay attention to here. When etching pictures and texts, there are positive and negative etchings. Calculate the size of the film through the above formula(glass beads supplier). The dining space etching in the formula refers to the amount of side etching when it has just been etched through.

In positive etching, the size of the graphic lines after etching will become thinner; the size of the graphic lines after etching will become thicker(silicon carbide price). So we must pay attention to this problem when making photographic negatives. The method for estimating the line size of the photographic film is as follows: Graphic etching (embossed): Line size of the photographic film = required embossed line size + etching depth xF×2.(cheapest white aluminium oxide manufacturers canada)

Graphic etching (inscribed text)(white aluminum oxide): photo film line size = required graphic line size-etching depth xF x 2 floor space etching (single side etching): photo film graphic size = required graphic size + material thickness xF x 2 chain space Etching (double-sided etching): Photographic film size = required graphic size + material thickness x F where(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media): F is the side etching rate. When processing the shape, use a skipping die for punching.

(cheapest white aluminium oxide manufacturers canada)At this time, the etched section is not a vertical surface(white corundum), but a sharp corner protruding outward, and the sharp corner protrusion is about 1/4 of the material thickness. If you want to etch sharp corners into nearly flat and vertical cross-sections, you need to continue to etch(silicon carbide grit). The amount of new side etch that results from this varies according to the requirements of the cross-section. This is mainly done through experiments.

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