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Cheapest White Aluminum Oxide Crystals Wholesale Poland

In the preparation of thermosetting ester aldehyde resin, basic catalysts are usually used, such as NaOH, nhoh, etc(brown fused aluminum oxide). However, the reaction speed of formaldehyde and phenol is faster, the hardening time is shorter, and the side reactions are less. Among them, hydrochloric acid has high catalytic efficiency and low price(white fused alumina manufacturer). At the same time, due to the presence of Ba, the electrical properties of the resin are better.

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When the molar ratio of benzene ester to formaldehyde is less than 1(arc fused alumina), thermosetting ester aldehyde resin can be synthesized in alkaline condition (pH = 7-11). When NaOH is used as catalyst, the dosage is generally less than 1%. At the same time, it needs to be neutralized by oxalic acid, hydrochloric acid, and citric acid. When BA (OH) · 8h is used as catalyst(white fused alumina suppliers), the reaction is more moderate and easy to control. The reaction speed is fast, but the hydrophilicity of the resin is hard to be layered.

After the resin reaction is completed, baco2 precipitate can be generated by CO2, so it is easy to treat(fused alumina). When nhoh with mass fraction of 25% is used as catalyst, the dosage is 0.5% ~ 3%. The advantage is that after the resin synthesis, only heating is needed to select NH and gas, so it is easy to treat(white alumina powder). In addition, there are divalent metal ion oxide catalysts (Bao, MgO, CA) and other phase hydroxides [Mg (OH) 2, Ca (OH) 2, etc.] and their salt catalysts.

For example, acetaldehyde, because of its low inclusiveness, can also form resin itself, thus reducing the performance of the final product, so it is rarely used(white corundum). It can be seen from the above that according to the chemical structure of the raw material, the molar ratio of static and long dosage and the pH value of the medium, there are two types of resin: thermoplastic (linear) phenolic resin and thermosetting phenolic resin(aluminium oxide grit suppliers).

It is often used with hydrochloric acid, which can not only accelerate the reaction, but also increase the reaction rate of phenol, and the molecular weight is appropriate(white aluminum oxide). It evaporates with water in the dehydration stage, but the reaction is more intense, and the corrosion of the equipment is greater. The formaldehyde aqueous solution (37% ~ 40%) is mixed with pure phenol of the same volume(artificial corundum). The pH value of the solution is 3.0 ~ 3.1.

When acid is added into the mixture to make pH < 3.0 or alkali is added to make pH > 3.0, the reaction will take place immediately(white fused alumina). Therefore, when the molar ratio of benzene ester to formaldehyde is greater than 1, the general thermoplastic Bandon resin can be synthesized under the condition of strong acid (pH < 3)(aluminium oxide sandblasting); High ortho linear ester aldehyde resin can be synthesized in medium acid condition (pH = 4-7). Therefore, the pH = 3.0 ~ 3.1 is called "neutral point".

However, there are still some unreacted points in the phenolic group of the resin(100 grit aluminum oxide white), so when it interacts with formaldehyde or hexamethylenetetramine, it will be transformed into thermosetting resin, and further shrinkage will become an immiscible product. When the mixture is heated to full m, no reaction is observed in a few days or even weeks(80 grit aluminum oxide). Oxalic acid is a mild catalyst, which is easy to control in polycondensation, so it is widely used.

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