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Cheapest White Aluminum Oxide Dental Factory Taiwan

For the regeneration of anion resin, use 1.2 to 2 times the volume of regeneration liquid(arc fused alumina). After the resin layer is turned over, the flow rate can be increased one by one, so that the volume of the entire resin layer is swollen to the required value, and the backflow is continued after the lack of the corresponding flow rate. until(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). The resin regeneration process is actually the reverse process of the exchange reaction.

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In addition, the amount of backwash water is about 1.5 to 1.7 times that of the original rice resin(white fused alumina). At the end of backwashing, the inlet valve should be closed, the outlet should be opened and part of the water should be drained away, keeping a certain thickness of water cushion on the resin layer(fused alumina). For the in-column regeneration method, the anion resin can be regenerated after separation. At the beginning, the flow rate of water should be small.

(cheapest white aluminum oxide dental factory taiwan)Ion exchange resin can be regenerated after backwashing. Resin swelling rate can indirectly reflect the effect of backwashing, and will affect the quality of resin regeneration in the next step. Industrial resins often contain organic impurities and inorganic impurities. The production water obtained by making the water in the astringent bed generally controls its resistivity(black oxide aluminum). It is controlled by the method of measuring pH value.

There are two types of regeneration methods(white corundum): the chemical agent method—acid-base regeneration method and electrolytic regeneration method, and the former method is usually used. The widely used method in production is to regenerate cationic resin with hydrochloric acid solution and anionic resin with sodium hydroxide solution(glass beads supplier). The concentration of hydrochloric acid is 5-10%, and the concentration of sodium hydroxide is 4-6%.(cheapest white aluminum oxide dental factory taiwan)

In the production process, the regeneration liquid is sent to the corresponding exchange column during regeneration and directly regenerated in the column(brown fused alumina price). The flow rate of acid and alkali during regeneration should be controlled, not too fast. When the flow rate of the regenerant is from 4 to 8 per hour, the flow rate of the male resin can be faster than that of the female resin(glass beads manufacturers). Close the drain valve, open the inlet valve and outlet valve.

(cheapest white aluminum oxide dental factory taiwan)The regeneration of positive resin requires the regeneration liquid of 1.5~3.5 times of the resin volume(silicon carbide price). The flow velocity should be small in the early stage of normal washing (3~5m/h), and can be increased in the later stage (10m/h). The process of washing is the same as that of making water, except that the resulting water is discharged into the sewer(garnet abrasive price). It takes time to exchange ions between resin and regeneration fluid.

After the resin is regenerated, it must be washed before use(green carborundum). The purpose of the main washing is to wash the residual regenerant and regenerated products in the resin layer and prepare for the official production of water. The initial stage of washing is actually the expansion and succession of regeneration(glass bead abrasive). At this time, the regenerant is in contact with the resin in a diluted state and has the effect of continuing regeneration.

In the process of washing(silicon carbide companies), the water quality of the washing water is continuously improved until the regenerant in the resin layer is completely washed and the quality of the effluent meets the requirements. During forward washing, except for the first-stage cation exchange device that can use raw water for forward washing(steel shot abrasive), the water at the previous stage should be used as the source of forward washing.(cheapest white aluminum oxide dental factory taiwan)

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