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Cheapest White Aluminum Oxide Rubbing Compound Austria

The following are discussed separately. High elastic deformation is realized by the movement of molecular chain segments(fused alumina). It may take several minutes, hours or even years for the whole molecular chain to break from a state of equilibrium to a state of detoxification corresponding to external forces, that is to say(brown fused alumina 60 grit), in general, deformation always lags behind external forces, so it takes time for rubber to deform. 

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From the point of view of molecular movement and change, the amplitude change process includes the following three kinds of deformation(white fused alumina). During the elongation and deformation of rubber, the molecular chain or segment changes from wet disordered arrangement to regular arrangement, at this time, the lazy value is reduced(black oxide aluminum); at the same time, heat is generated due to the internal friction between molecules.

(cheapest white aluminum oxide rubbing compound austria)For cross-linked polymers, if the rubber sheet is stretched and pasted on the mouth or whisker(white aluminum oxide), it will feel that the rubber will heat up when it is extended, and will absorb heat when it is retracted, and the thermal effect increases with the elongation surface, at room temperature, which is usually called thermoelastic effect(glass beads supplier). Like rubber is composed of linear long-chain molecules, and there is a phase difference. 

The impact strength will increase rapidly and the difference between different varieties will decrease when the strength is close to t(brown fused alumina price). For example, the brittle home benzene marriage will become a kind of amplitude material near t. Due to the thermal movement, the long-chain molecules are constantly changing their shape(garnet abrasive), so the long-chain molecules of rubber are in the state of curvature at room temperature.(cheapest white aluminum oxide rubbing compound austria)

As a kind of structural material, polymer is often affected by alternating stress (the magnitude of stress changes periodically) in practical application(silicon carbide price). Of course, the 8 boxes show that the movement of chain segments is difficult, and the more difficult it is to keep up with the changes of external forces(garnet suppliers). The internal friction and resilience of some common rubber varieties can be qualitatively explained from their molecular structure.

(cheapest white aluminum oxide rubbing compound austria)Under the action of alternating stress, the phenomenon that the deformation of polymer lags behind the change of stress is called lagging phenomenon(green carborundum). The lag phenomenon occurs because the chain segment is affected by internal friction when it moves. When the external force changes, the movement of the chain segment is not able to change the external force, so the deformation lags behind the stress(steel grid).

When the change of stress is consistent with the deformation, there is no lag phenomenon(silicon carbide companies). The work done in each deformation is equal to the work obtained in the restoration of the original state, and the consumption of no work. If the change of deformation lags behind the change of stress and the observation after leakage occurs(brown fused alumina suppliers), the work consumed in each cycle change is called mechanical loss, sometimes called internal loss.(cheapest white aluminum oxide rubbing compound austria)

The size of internal friction is related to the structure of the case compound itself(arc fused alumina). The internal friction of cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber is small because there is no substituent group in its molecular chain and the internal friction of the chain segment movement is small(glass bead blasting media suppliers); The internal friction of SBR and SBR is relatively large, because SBR has a very large side base, while SBR has a strong side chlorine base.

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