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Cheapest White Corundum Powder Wholesale Price Russia

The price of white corundum powder is much higher than that of white corundum fine powder. This is mainly because the white corundum powder still needs to be further screened. It is very difficult to screen the white corundum sand of various sizes through different sieves. The corresponding cost is also a lot, and the high price is natural(silicon carbide abrasive). Therefore, its anti-skid performance is also very good, now emery is widely used by many anti-skid floors.

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It can be used to make refractory materials such as alumina magnesia carbon brick, corundum castable and corundum ramming material. However, the quality of brown corundum on the market is uneven. When purchasing, the product quality should be carefully inspected. The hue of brown corundum depends largely on the residual titanium oxide(white fused alumina). The sand pump and hydrocyclone made of silicon carbide have good wear resistance.(cheapest white corundum powder wholesale price russia)

In addition to testing whether the alumina content reaches 94%, the C content in the refractory should also be tested(white aluminum oxide). If the carbon content is too high, there is aluminum carbide in it. Aluminum carbide will hydrate when it meets water, resulting in product cracking If the strength decreases, of course, the fire resistance will decrease(green silicon carbide). Good production technology results in good product quality. In case of rainy season, water will seep into these gaps.

(cheapest white corundum powder wholesale price russia)Brown corundum is usually used as aggregate and fine powder in refractories(black silicon carbide). It has the advantages of high refractoriness, wear resistance, erosion resistance, high bulk density and high alumina content. It is mainly used in high alumina system and alumina system. The quality of brown corundum will be discarded due to improper preservation(emery abrasive). As an abrasive material, brown corundum has many small gaps in the calcination process.

Brown corundum abrasives will have a variety of moisture, hydrolysis, rust yellow, etc., which seriously affect the quality of brown corundum(pink aluminum oxide). Generally, the size of white corundum abrasives is not consistent.(aluminum oxide abrasive) In the process of grinding, the larger size of white corundum abrasives participate in the grinding process, which makes all the white corundum abrasives bear different pressure and increase the amount of grinding.(cheapest white corundum powder wholesale price russia)

In many cases, brown corundum is a kind of very important alumina refractory raw material(brown fused alumina price). Good production technology not only requires good production equipment, but also requires workers' good skills. Equipment investment and workers' wages are not small expenses(aluminum oxide grit). White corundum furnace body is divided into two types, one is lined, generally requires sintered products; the other is unlined, only a steel cone.

(cheapest white corundum powder wholesale price russia)At this time, the heat loss with lining is about 4%(black aluminum oxide). Only improving the shape of the particles to improve the performance of the abrasive can not meet the requirements of grinding tools, and chemical treatment also has the disadvantages of high cost and environmental pollution. The lining free construction is simple, but the heat loss is large(synthetic corundum). The heat loss without lining accounts for more than 24% of the energy consumption of the product.

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