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Cheapest White Corundum Wholesale Price Germany

At present, dry spraying is widely used and flame spraying has a bright future(glass bead abrasive). The so-called flame spraying is that the material flows through the high-temperature flame produced by c-firing and oxygen and is in a molten state and sprayed on the gunning surface(white aluminum oxide 220 grit). A solid whole can be formed between the gunning layer and the original lining body, and the application effect is excellent.

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In addition, the volume shrinkage of dense high-strength refractory castable is increased by about 10%(brown fused alumina price), reaching 2.42-2.56g/cm, the apparent porosity is reduced by about 50%, the high-temperature flexural strength at 1400 ° C is increased by nearly three times, and the abrasion resistance index of sand blasting method is also increased by about three times(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). This material is called refractory spraying material.

The dense and high strength refractory castable can be used in the iron ditch of blast furnace(black aluminum oxide), Lance for refining, feeding performance and thermal shadow stability, furnace bottom of heating furnace and water cooling pipe binding and other parts. Its service life is about 1 times longer than that of ordinary refractory castable(green carborundum). Its properties are basically similar to those of phosphate refractory castables and refractory plastics.

In addition, the high-grade fire-resistant pan injection material, which is made up of 70-80% of Al4O and alumina powder(white fused alumina), corundum, mullite and other materials, has good medium temperature strength and high temperature performance, and the service temperature is 1600 ° right(steel shot abrasive). The materials are easy to obtain, the price is cheap, the construction is simple, and it has a bright future, and has achieved good results.

It has been used in the refining equipment outside the furnace(pink aluminum oxide), the air supply pipe system of the blast furnace hot blast furnace and the high-temperature conversion furnace for chemical industry. In order to make the adhesive: release the glue and harden in the construction, and then accelerate the setting and hardening to form the strength(silicon carbide companies), so the retarder should be selected, and the dosage of H should be appropriate.

The alkali replacement function of clay is to add 1-3% Xie hot steel fiber into the clay slurry and refractory castable(white aluminum oxide), which can improve its high-temperature strength, and its service life is 1-3 times higher than that of ordinary Xie fire castable. However, its normal temperature compressive strength is low, and its drying strength is not high(glass beads manufacturers). The overuse of water glass refractories can be increased to more than 1400C.

In addition, the use of water glass as binder to prepare amorphous refractories is convenient and should be actively developed and promoted(silicon carbide price). Spraying can be divided into three kinds: dry spraying, wet spraying and flame spraying(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). In addition, the improvement and improvement of construction methods also create conditions for improving the performance of refractory castable and prolonging its service life.

Spraying is not only an important technical measure to improve the service life of dense furnace(white corundum), but also a new construction method of thermal equipment. Therefore, in recent years, the development of fire-resistant spray coating is fast, especially for the basic fire-resistant spray coating used in smelting furnace and light fire-resistant spray coating used in industrial furnace(garnet abrasive price), smoke window and other equipment.

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